Pregnancy: Can I talk to my tummy?

Pregnancy: Can I talk to my tummy?

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He still shares the family, the acquaintances, whether it makes sense to talk to the fetus. Let's see the scientific facts!

Even though some people are convinced that the tummy tucker not only hears but understands what they say outside the tummy tuck, others just smile at him with a smile.

The fetus senses more in the world than we think

Psychology researchers at the University of North Carolina, Anthony J. DeCasper and William P. Fifer, examined neonates using a special pacifier. With the intensity of cumization, the babies were able to control whether their mother's voice or another female voice was being heard. As soon as they were aware of their baby, they were willing to sound the dummy more so they could hear their mother's voice. Based on their fetal experience they could make a difference between several women voices, their mother was recognized, and clearly favored.Krista Byers-Heinlen, Tracey C. Burns йs Janet F. Werker His experiments also suggested that newborns were able to distinguish native languages ​​from other foreign languages. This can only be traced back to the fact that the little ones have heard and memorized the voices, voices and melodies of their mother tongue. Source: Maternity Magazine