The kid doesn't want to be clean - Vekerdy ​​answers

The kid doesn't want to be clean - Vekerdy ​​answers

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The child is 3 years old, but only the diaper is willing to poop. In addition, there are also problems with sleep, and the gods do not want to sleep on the dune. What can a baby do? Tamás Vekerdy, a psychologist, answers.

We live in a Transylvanian village, which is very good for our child, our three-year-old son, as freshly milked milk, village atmosphere, and fresh air all contribute to development - read a paraphrase in the psychology. However, this may also explain the fact that the child is getting tired of sleeping in Duluth, because in the long summer days, there is always something to do in the garden-field. papуra And we love your grandmother. Many times we have tried to convince ourselves that sleeping in Duluth is not easy, but relaxing, but we could not persuade it is light! That's right, you always have a good night's sleep. And in the case of poop, we are innocent before the situation, because we do not make pelvis for him in the sun, and no problem with peeing, because he puts on a joke, but when he senses the poop, We've had countless tricks and your grandmother can have a success, but she doesn't want to House-trained to be. It is true that she is very mobile (and when she reads her favorite books, she does not stop at her feet), and perhaps this is because she is impatient, so she does not want to sit on the train.Many times, though, he sat up and took the newborn (which is what we saw it), but it never came to fruition because it was shut down. We are completely unemployed, we ran out of cselekbхl, play cards, school, school, games - and so on - for reference. He'd rather not go to school, go to school, or look for a playground. How can we convince you that this is the right thing to do? Or maybe you are more self-conscious?

Tamás Vekerdy's answer: Yes, "more on your own" ...

But to do that, you and your grandparents don't "care" about the thing, don't try to convince it, don't use "deeds", don't refer to an udder school, exemplary servant bezzeg-children ... : bring it! - Give it to me, and let it rest in peace. (Because kids usually get carried away and do their job.) You know, you know - at least that's what you mean by this time - that your son is "clean"? Room cleanliness means that you know when to poop, and that is what you say, and that you can wait for a joke or a party - or make the pelvis. It's very common among kids, and many Hungarian people, of course, kereshetjьk. (Why do they feel embarrassed - perhaps downright awkward - that someone exposes them from their bodies and falls into their mouths or their bosoms? We could analyze what they want to hold back, leave them "because they are going to work? And of course we could have a lot of different assumptions about a particular case ...) Experience shows, as I have already mentioned, that the sooner the less I want to talk to - or just compel - them to do so.As far as sleeping in Duluth is concerned, the sleep patterns of children are very different. As for two-year-olds, we can generally say that they still need some extra sleep after lunch. (Juliet night sleeps eleven or twelve hours.) But the specialty books are keeping in mind that this is a sleeping requirement for Duluth in general - with very big differences, of course! - It stays up to three years old. A lot depends on whether the family members of the family are lying down on a baby bed after dinner (because they are home!) or just wanting to get the baby to bed. In Hungary, nursery school programs are usually "obligatory" for sleeping - or at least relaxing - but there are also many children who "don't want" to sleep at night (or if they fall asleep, they stay alive in the evening). Parents of children who fall asleep in kindergarten may also find that children of three with individual differences. A good child usually sleeps as much as he / she needs if his / her environment so provides. The difference between the average and the two is up to a few, so I think their son is completely "normal", healthy - just like his agility is to say that he is age-appropriate, "цrцkmozgуk" .Й And something else, "tricks." Children - unfortunately, or rather thank God - cannot be fooled! The kids since belхlьnk not only fogjбk up what we tell them, but felfogjбk about kцzvetlenьl (faces цntudatlan mimikбjбbуl, testьnk also цntudatlan mozdulataibуl, tartбsбbуl or йppen telepathically?) Йrzйseinket, szбndйkainkat - mondhatnбnk: thoughts бramlбsбt also йs ezйrt Maid - durvбbban we could say our lies - let's just confuse them without the "guiding" (because that's what we intend at this time) to succeed.They may also be interested in:
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