The first games to get before birth

The first games to get before birth

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There are countless things to do before your baby is born, and there will certainly be a couple of toys to play with. But what do we choose first from the huge supply?

The first games to get before birth When we select our first toys before the baby is born, we are often not guided by practicality, but rather, we are preparing to have a new family member soon to arrive. With games we prepare ourselves a bit for this, and bring this special baby sensation to our home sooner.

But what are some of the games we need in the first few months?

In the first weeks, it is primarily the wake-up-sleep-eating cycles that determine the days of the baby, and the body contact with the parents, touch and rocking will play the most important role. Since the baby can't keep track of so many places at once (the tiny ones can survive for only 10-15 minutes), this time you can't keep an eye on the toys for too long. , and when you see and hear, you begin to gather your experience. You will soon become intensely interested in faces and colors, as well as playable and handy games that keep your eyes on you for an increasing amount of time.

Use our Baby Development Calculator to keep track of your baby's development!

Let us strive for safety!

In the beginning, you shouldn't make the mistake of stacking the doll with toys. Because a lot of games can be an overwhelming source of stimuli that you can expect to lose weight. The most important aspect when choosing a game is that the little one can catch everything in the mouth, it is important that the games are safe, do not have detachable, detachable parts, dangerous ribbons and bands. we get it, wash it all, disinfect it!

Toys for the first few months

There are some games that can be useful from the first few months on, and the baby plays with a lot of fun. These toys are worth getting right before your baby is born:
  • bike, diaper hanging swivel, whispering tiny plush figurines
  • small bells, colored cloths, small mirrors hanging on the bed
  • colored baby toys on a stroller, recliner or baby wrist, tiny little figures
  • catching and smelly toys: cubes, beakers, soft rags, colored sponges, soft dolls and pads that make sound; colors, tower rings, soft cupcake
  • easy to press (eg big button) making noise, spooling games
  • a soft, comfortable play mat with a vaulted gymnast, featuring action-packed play that the little cheerful can whisper, chatter, and chatter on. Okay, if these games can be dismantled, they can be put into service.

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