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There is a place where a child has to wait 3 years to adjust his teeth

There is a place where a child has to wait 3 years to adjust his teeth

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There are long waiting lists in dental care as well, you may need to wait a month for a dental appointment, and there is a 3 year waiting list for dental balancing. The profession calls for immediate action.

There is a place where a child has to wait 3 years to adjust his teethIf a patient knocks on the door right now and needs immediate treatment, I can receive it as a baby for the first time in a week - two to three would surely need dental prosthesis, but there are counties in the country where it takes years, for example, in Zala County, where there are specialist doctors for only 45 times a month, and about three years a year. But the situation is not the worst here: It takes five years to complete Komárrom-Esztergom and Nograd counties for prosthetics, because there is only one prosthetic order in these places. There is a very simple explanation for this data: in the country, there are only eight orders that deal with publicly funded and sicknesses. If this does not work then the current patient reception times should be halved. However, the effect of this solution would be to double the waiting time in the treatment list, and to wait one year for a smooth "SCR". to the patients.
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