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The formation of an immune substance can be blocked inside the uterus. Multiple inhibition results in the child being exposed to thousands of infections, the frequent repetition of which is more likely to exhaust the immune system.

The defense is down

In this case we are talking about transient immunosuppression - the development of 'thymus gland', a series of respiratory infections, inflammation of the heart. You are known to have immunodeficiency states in which only one defective component is absent or present in reduced quantities. This selective deficiency has been linked to a disease such as bronchial asthma, malignancy, melanoma, food allergies and medications.

Wickedness Disease - Transient Immune Impairment

The lymphatic system, located beneath the sternum, plays a leading role in the development of the immune system, the thymus, which begins to function as early as the 9th week of pregnancy. During childbirth, certain antibodies are released from the mother to the infant, who will soon begin to give it.
The other way of getting into the defenses is breast milk. If levels in the uterus rise, it indicates intrauterine (intrauterine) infection. Because newborns cannot tell what's wrong with them, measuring antibody levels is a good diagnostic aid even in these cases. Certain drugs, such as corticosteroids, also produce impaired immune function.

The way of strengthening

Their robbery can be full of herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals and important trace elements. These are essential for the activation and inhibition of the enzymatic reactions of the body, so they are present in all functions. Such essential trace elements are: zinc, jute, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, copper, selenium, chromium, iron; but fluorine, boron, nickel, vanadium are also important. There are diseases - including babies - that depend on trace element deficiencies.
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