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Cyclists to New Zealand have sick children

Cyclists to New Zealand have sick children

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On March 21st, two young Enik Fadgyas and Balazs Boros will bounce on their bicycle and will not stop in New Zealand. It is not only adventure and challenge that moves them: their expeditions are collecting donations for the Bourbon Troop.

Discovering more than twenty countries, 18 to 20 thousand kilometers rolled around, another year's tour - Enik and Balzh said this. They are planning to discover the world and themselves, to live their freedom and to take an environmentally conscious approach, but they also have an extraordinary motivation to not only have their own disease, but also their own. Slowly 10 years ago Balzsz was the volunteer of the Bourgeois Recruitment Foundation, so there was no request that the great adventure be done in a charitable activity: we aim to make 200 people a thousand forints a month during their expedition.
Enik and Balz are preparing for a real nomadic expedition. "Acйlvбzas tъrakerйkpбrral, hagyomбnyos vбltуrendszerrel, elхl-hбtul vбgunk him йs acйl csomagtartуval agydinamуs vilбgнtбssal the ъtnak. Felszerelйsьnket packed into 140-liter kerйkpбros tъratбskбba, this йs be with us vinnьnk the sбtrat, hбlуzsбkot, mattress, ruhбt, szьksйges the йlelmezйshez vнztisztнtуt, gбzfхzхt the csomagtartуn йs benefits, first aid kit, navigation, and media tools that we can use to interact with the world and our help pages. " website.
Movies can be found at the link below: // "One Thousand Months to Brainstorming! For you in Forints, for us in Kilometers!"

The Borbor Bubble and the Brainstorming

Launched in 2001, the Bath Tabor Complex Therapy Recreational Program for Children and Families Treated with Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Chronic Inflammation (JIA), and Haemophilia. Little patients can take part in fun activities that are not possible because of their illness. Under close medical supervision, they can test their furniture in high altitude, rowing, swimming, sports, riding, craftsman, photography, dance, music and performance.
Physiotherapy programs are designed to increase the confidence of children, to strengthen their beliefs in themselves and in each other, thereby helping to heal them. One recruiter put it: "In the Doctor's office, the positive energies that illness takes away from man are returned. Whoever had to skip just one year in life can, if not all, return everything."

Bbor Tbor