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Segнtsйg! The kid's gonna be eyeglassed!

Segнtsйg! The kid's gonna be eyeglassed!

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I remember I kept secret from my parents for a long time that you were not good. I squinted, rolled my eyes, figuring out all the tricks just to make it clear that I was short. Because at 10 years old, I could have done a little more crazy about my glasses.

Of course I did, and for a while I hated it. Nearly 30 years ago, opticians had a much shorter supply than I do today, so for a long time I had to choose a frame, and for a long time I felt like a big bag. Fortunately, in the years since then, I have "consumed" a few eyeglasses, and today I wear the eyepiece proudly (well, wearing contact lenses), and give any advice on choosing the right frame.

Eyeglassy toddlers and ovis

For the smallest age group, the most important thing to consider when choosing a frame is to be as durable as possible. These cuckoos still run carelessly, roll around and jump, so the frame remains fixed on the head. The choice of frames will favor strong but flexible eyeglasses. Generally, the worshipers also have a special fastener beside the frame, which connects the two dyed glasses at the back of the head. If your child is a little older, a good solution might be spring dry glasses also, with long hairs that curl under your ear, ensuring a fixed hold.

Segнtsйg! The kid will be wearing glasses! (Photo: Europress)

Although the little ones are probably impatient with the eyeglasses, let's take the time to find the right frame. It is important that selecting the first glasses seek professional help. From a practical point of view, it has to be taken into account that the little ones have hardly any nostrils, so we should prefer a frame that does not "fit" on their face and fits their face shape.

Fashion Followers

Getting glasses at school is a lot smoother, and being more important to this age group. Luckily, today, there are many different types of frames you can choose from, imagination and, of course, our wallet. The point is, here too, we have to be patient about the practice and the eyewear.
If your child is wearing eyeglasses in good standing, then if you can, buy two frames. One should be a cheaper, comfortable, and sturdy frame that your child can wear on gymnastics and trainers. The other is the more fashionable "all-knowing" frame for everyday wear. It is worth paying more attention to the lens here, as there are many aspects to consider from day to day. What should we talk about? For example, it is more profitable to choose a plastic lens because glass lens is heavy and fragile. Extras can also be applied for many more, such as lenses with lenses, special anti-fog or anti-scratch coat. Of course, these are the ones who cheer up the amount of money, but the first thing to look at is that more than eye correction, comfortable to wear and your child should be "friendly". And don't forget to ask a specialist to help you put a frame and lens on your baby's nose that is not only comfortable and fashionable, but also so good that you don't even have to wear it.