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Garden party for the childThis is how they live!

Garden party for the childThis is how they live!

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Other ways to do it? It is worthwhile to gain experience, but it is bad for parents to begin to overly equilibrate. Consider your load capacity, it's better to have a leaner party than not to arrange anything.

What do we play?

Prepare for multiple scenarios. Children usually play by themselves at the end of the party, but adults may still need it.
Ideal location and location Feel free to let your imagination run at your fingertips. It may be a good idea to have a public outing, playground, but having a home party is one of the best solutions. No more than twelve children are worth calling.
Favorite programs
THE szembekцtхsdi in all its forms (for example: in the garden, we will drop a big cat stick. We count the amount of light coming out of the starting line and then have it blindfolded).
Fazйkverйs: on the bottom of the fы or carpet, with a small winnings underneath. There are always others looking blindfolded, more handsome, with wooden spoons in their hands, where the pots are. If he succeeded, he would win.
Rуkafarok-vadбszat: we weave crepe-paper hats or scarves on every child's waist, this is the tail. It's the job of the tooth to grab as many slack tails as possible.
Ennivalуk: Fruit and ice cream trays, small sandwiches, muffins, fruit.
Over 8 years
Allow more and more freedom for the celebrated party organizer. Typically, the number of people invited to the party is lower, instead of the nude parties, you can be counted as the three best friends. This age group needs less guidance and ideas from parents, but keep a few things in hand. Funny games always add to the mood. A good idea might be a three-person, two-day party with your grandparents and an outing.
Favorite programs: cross-dressing, puppying, socializing. Ipi-apachis bogey, captured games: in the middle of the table we make a sweet or small gift. As long as the music is born, they walk around and then swallow it when the music stops. Whoever got something grabs out.
What's changed? Children in the circle are good at seeing each other. Then somebody goes out, and in the distance, they drop or hit something on one of the kids. Do you realize what changed?
Versenyцltцzйs: who can get through most things in a minute? This age group already loves my Master's title game. Try to disparage well-known names and then point them to each other without words. It can be funny if you try to draw the occupation on a small board. Foods: Complete the celebrated meal.
Do not forget! Meghнvу: give it to your parents at least two weeks before the planned party. Include the exact address, possibly with an error message, the phone number to which you will be asked for feedback, the date and time of the party. It is easy to write down what kind of costume you will need: garden games and paddling are not a celebration. Note that the invitation is only for the child or the parents. (Example: Please, come to the kids at six in the evening.)
What is its purpose? Although it is understood that the birthday jury is meant to celebrate the birthday child and to have a good time, he or she often turns into a man. For example, it is because parents of small brothers and sisters should keep their celebrated parents well. You can't do a good kids party like that! If this is inevitable, call professional helpers who are committed to dealing with the children. The other trap is tournament organizing. Unless almost everyone is a winner, or if you do not cut the little ones, you can count on many small, fluffy kids. Race racing is a sure trap, and its end is almost always humbling.
That's not the essence!
Therefore, it is not worthwhile to spend long hours with food preparation. However, the time and mental energy invested in the preparation of games, entertainment, is always rewarded!
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