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A mother's letter to her sons about love

A mother's letter to her sons about love

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I remember when I was a kid my mom kept saying, I love you. He said this before hanging up the phone. He said this when I stepped out the door to go to school. And he said that even when I got out of the car in front of one of my friends' houses.

I always felt a little embarrassed and annoyed because I didn't understand why he always said that. But now that I have kids, I realized what all this meant was the only thing he kept repeating to me - he starts Tina Plantamura.When a mother says "I love you", it means a lot. I told my sons what it really meant when I said to them, "I love you."

Nobody loves the way a mother loves her children - Illustrated

Dear Son! I have to say, I love you. And I want you to know how much complexity this one covers. This is what I tell you throughout your life, but do you understand what that means? You can be sure I love you very much. I love you as much as you know your own name. I loved you first, and I will love you last, even if I'm not. But whenever your doubts are attacked, I will tell you what my love means. If I say "I love you," it's more than just a maternal sensation. It means I keep thinking about you. All day, only you come to my mind, counting me incapacitated, many times. When I think of you, I hope everything is fine with you at that moment. If you are in school, I hope you spend your time meaningfully, you are patient, you study and you enjoy being there.When you are at home, I hope you will feel safe and comfortable. When with your friends, I hope you have fun. I love you with admiration. My love means more than being proud of you or who you will be. My love is a lingering hope that never stinks. My love means We'll give up anything for you. Whenever you need me, I'll be there, even if it's physically incapable. I'm holding your hand. Breasts half. I keep you tight. I'm showing you direction. I'll always be there for you, whatever you need. No matter where you are, I'll be with you. You can call me anytime. So when you step out the door and say, "Hi, I love you" - you know what that means. Since I am your mother, my love is yours. It has helped you to grow and grow where you are now. But I know, that's not enough. I hope my love strengthens your heart, which is now vulnerable and open. I hope you are always a gentleman, but you will be careful. I hope you will be generous, but at the same time you will remain in good spirits. You have to believe that you can make the world a little better. When I say I love you, remember to believe in yourself and love yourself. When I do something special for you, it's not about saying goodbye or acknowledging it. This is also a way to say I love you. When I make your breakfast before waking up, it is to make your breakfast easier. When you make a birthday cake for you, it is also a way to tell you that I love you so much that I spend all your time, energy and creativity watching you all that day. Why did I iron your shirt when you didn't? Why did I cook my favorite food twice in a row? Why did I make my gloves and hat on a cold winter day? Because I wanted to make you feel better about these things, so you might not have made it. My love does not clear your mistakes. You can't protect yourself from falling. You cannot protect yourself from disappointment and failure. But i always want the best for you. And while the best is not always the easiest, I'm going to be able to encourage and help you. No matter how far apart we are, or how old we become. It doesn't even matter how many children you have. You will always be at the center of my heart, you will be my best bet and my concern. I will love you on the happiest day of your life, but also when you are just disappointed or when you break my heart. There are thousands of forms of my love, but one thing is for sure: It will never change. As you grow up, you may forget some of the things I did. But I hope you don't understand what it means when I say "I love you." The source of the article can be found here.Also read these:
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