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What can your employer do?

What can your employer do?

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You still can't see it, but is that little treasure in your head? Don't waste your time reporting to your boss if you are exhausting or dangerous at work. The Labor Law is a watch out for you!

As the two stakes appeared on the test, you're defeated! The mother (and even the single-parenting father) of the baby must be given special punishment until the age of one. In some cases, you may have to be completely relieved of work, and sometimes you must be in a fit condition.

You can't work in mines!

Okay, I suspected you weren't scared! This is just one of many limitations. But there is a great chance that you will put more strain or work in the workplace. You can lift a maximum of 5 kilos and haul 8 kilos, and more only in special cases. When you are at work, they are obliged to provide a place for you to relax sometimes. From week 20, you can spend up to four hours a day. If your job is about staying steady, you need to be able to get up and move yourself occasionally. If you bend, you have to stretch, you are not obligated to do so. Cold, noisy, dusty, working with radiation or gases, vapor contact can get you upstart, just like when you have to work at risk, for example, on a job, or on a taxi. They must not be obliged to work in a smoking workplace. And even if you are exposed to increased psychic judgment. Bar is unlucky if you claim that your boss is nervous about fish…

Less noise, no sleep

You can't expel your soul, performance-based racing is forbidden from week 20! There is no night work, you can't work between 8 and 6 in the morning. Under certain conditions, employees in the transport, cultural, health, and shift shifts can work until 11 in the evening. On Sundays and holidays, pregnant women can only be employed in certain special jobs. The daily working time may not exceed 9 hours and the weekly working time shall not exceed 40 hours. You cannot rely on your working hours or supervisory work. For pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, the worker must ensure that the mother is able to sleep. This is the time for a full bar!

If you need to see a doctor

You should definitely let your employer go for medical examinations that are related to your pregnancy. If you do not believe you can continue to work under the circumstances, you can obtain a certificate of dismissal only from an officer or a health and safety supervisor.
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