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Why doesn't the little one sleep, help the nanny

Why doesn't the little one sleep, help the nanny

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It is a great challenge to deal with sleep problems: especially parents who are newborns may be unemployed, because they do not fall asleep. The author of The One Nanny's Blog also shares more useful tips with us in our post.

Very interesting is the approach he speaks of a common problem, namely, what to do if "children are afraid of the wings hidden in the darkness. what tales the little ones see.) Experience has shown that this request cannot be sorted out simply by saying, "Baby, there are no wings here, because there are no wings." We can try to show clearly that there is no one in the room But I have to add that in a few cases this method is useful.

Perhaps we can go into the "games" and, in the meanwhile, make a little wonderland that will bring these creatures to life. You can place it on the windowsill to keep the wings out. The solutions put into the fabulous translation and the placement of the child in the situation will most often produce the desired result and solution. "
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