Blood clotting problems may occur after childbirth

Blood clotting problems may occur after childbirth

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It is very important to find out if the coagulation factors are diminished before the baby is born, so that you do not have a bleeding event.

"Blood is talked about when blood clotting does not occur at the right rate, so that bleeding continues" - he explains dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy hematologic head physician.The result of blood coagulation is a multi-controlled coagulation. These whites are constantly interacting, triggering and enhancing one another's activity, and at the same time acting as inhibitors. In this way, the balance is formed so that the blood clots in the event of a blood clot, but the blood clotting does not occur in the blood. We distinguish between congenital and lifeblood (acquired) hemorrhage, and by weight, moderate, mild, and mild. Blood clotting disorders may occur after delivery

Causes of postpartum haemorrhage

Losing an average of 300 ml of blood at birth can be considered normal, as the process itself is bleeding. If the bleeding is greater than 500 ml, postpartum (postpartum) bleeding is the cause of the birth (unable to contract the muscles of the uterus, possible loss of details, etc.). If your baby has a congenital mild haemorrhage, it is not a problem during pregnancy because the activity of certain coagulation factors in pregnancy increases And your blood coagulation will be normal, but your baby's vaginal bleeding may increase for a few days after birth because the baby's mother returned to her original lower coagulation factor activity. Unfortunately it also happens that during pregnancy or after childbirth, bleeding disorders develop, and bleeding symptoms may occur at home for weeks,.

That is why it is important to have specialist control!

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