The effect of tablet destruction

The effect of tablet destruction

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One of the most common parenting requests today is whether to let kids use a cell phone or tablet to watch TV? Are you in the middle of gold, or is "closed tolerance" the best solution?

Research has also proven the negative effects of the fetus on the development of the small nervous system. Many people believe in total abstinence, and many think so, with a delicate, balanced screen time that can be useful. What is your decision?The effect of tablet destruction The relationship between the screen and man has changed a great deal over the past few decades. Mobile addiction, uninterrupted use of computers (whether for work or entertainment) or uninterrupted television have become bitter today. Our communication habits have also changed: long telephone conversations have not been replaced by live chat, and our results are not shared between us, but rather in the form of a picture. An online space full of infinite and potential - though it makes us feel like it helps us to connect - actually traps us into a tiny virtual bubble, and if we neglect it, the blood loss process will be lost. a healthy balance in the use of smartphones, you shouldn't be surprised that the same thing is harder for kids - and even tiny kids have screen curtains. But you don't have to be addicted, as there are barely a few occasions when we discover the negative effects of spending time with smartphones on our children. An interesting video circles the without giving a blank board and then examining how the little different stimuli respond to the use of the tool. However, it is very surprising in itself that every little girl knows immediately how to use a tablet computer. filled with games, as the girls almost immediately started to play games. This experiment was a great demonstration of the negative impact on the social conditions of the time before the screen.

It can impair linguistic and cognitive development, cause sleep deprivation, disability, and behavioral problems

"There are a number of areas that are negatively influenced by the amount of time spent in front of the screen, and if parents are aware of these, they can more easily frame the use of smartphones and television."

What's the impact of screen usage?

Unfortunately, in children younger than 2 years of age, it can often be observed that excessive screening will significantly impair linguistic and cognitive development. This is true even when the television is just like a backstage in the family. Continuous noise is usually a distracting factor when playing games, eating or even relaxing. Children with various visual problems, sleep disorders, and overweight can develop. Above all, in social skills, you may also be seriously lagging behind.
Unfortunately, tablet, mobile, and fleshy things move much less, and often their eating habits are too bad (for example, they tend to eat just like a fairy tale, they don't feel like it), and it doesn't matter. there is also a lack of development of motor skills and communication and speech skills. Is physical activity essential for the brain to make proper connections between its cells? - details the harmful effects of smart devices in a study by Dr. Nicole Beurkens, an American psychologist. You must have noticed that many times children react with hysteria, not infrequently, when you turn off your father or lose your tablet. In fact, excessive screen usage can lead to behavioral problems - so-called screen dependencies - which you should contact as soon as possible with the assistance of a specialist.

How Much Can I Let the Child Carry?

According to experts, the time spent between 2 and 5 years before screening should be limited to a maximum of 1 hour per day. In other years, small children should not be stimulated by such stimuli. Be aware that they are always content that is appropriate for their age group, using a variety of parental controls and options to ensure a secure Internet experience. And, of course, set limits on the amount of time you spend before the screen. Let's choose the evening storytelling by reading more of the fairy tale, the personal presence, the attention, and the parents' story-telling. Instead of downloading virtual gambling games, we should download more educational programs for the little ones. You should also be careful not to use the tablet for rewarding or vice versa, we picked out bad insertions from the little ones. And, most importantly, we should pay attention to our own usage habits and come up with a good example in front of our children. As with so many others, the parental pattern is "sticky" in this case, so if you live with a cell phone stuck in your palm all day, don't be surprised if your children do not have a healthy relationship with each other.
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