The effect of birth trauma

The effect of birth trauma

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Nowadays, we are hearing more and more births using epidural anesthesia and the proportion of babies born with cesarean section is increasing. The number of fast-paced interventions (oxytocin) is also increasing.

It is time for us to look at the consequences of these interventions for the subsequent development of children.

Stunning results

The backbone of test and research results William Emersontуl comes from several decades of research into the effects of the birth process. She observed about two thousand births and tracked the number of births of newborns. Before we go into the details, let's look at Emerson's general conclusions and research findings: there are long-term medical interventions during childbirth. Accordingly, it would be advisable to question the interventions mentioned above and to carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks. Henci Goer medicine says in one study that they are becoming more widespread birth interventionswhich are routinely performed even though they are scientifically sound and have proven their harmlessness.Thomas Verny instead, it suggests that the effectiveness of many tests, methods, and routine interventions in infancy is not proven and is rather ritualistic. Canadian knowledge concludes that medical interventions in the birth process should only be allowed on the basis of potentially damaging effects and endangered births because of their potentially damaging effects.

Remains of memories

First and foremost, it should be clarified whether the memories of adult patients in different regression therapies are generally possible, and if so, whether they are credible. One of the hallmarks of credibility is the spontaneous emergence of therapies.

The great moment of birth

Such birth memories and symptoms associated with them are known primarily from psychoanalytic treatments. We know of a number of case reports that show a direct relationship to the trauma of birth And between the symptoms (eg claustrophobia). The hipnуzisok the primerterбpiбk йs not utolsуsorban the mыvйszeti alkotбsok also szolgбlnak bizonyнtйkkal plenty to do kapcsolatanalнzisrхl beszйljьnk is where you have already been tцbb szбz mother could ъjraйlni szьletйsi traumбjбt йs rid kбros kцvetkezmйnyeitхl.Tovбbbi bizonyнtйk the hitelessйgre vonatkozуan is when the patients szьletйsi his memories were compared with the objective data served by the participants in the birth. In many cases, birth memories proved to be very accurate.

The bulldozers

Babies are treated with light birth trauma without any external intervention. There are many symptoms that doctors and parents consider normal in the currency symptoms of birth trauma. For example, babies who shed 2 ounces or up to 6 ounces a day are considered normal by parents and physicians. And primarily because of the expression of their need or distress. THE high number of birth traumas can be attributed to a number of reasons: industrialization and the need for medical follow-up during childbirth, and the proliferation of pre-natal traumas (stress, alcohol, etc.).They may also be interested in:
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