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Baking against baking!

Baking against baking!

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Nine biscuits a day can help eliminate the problem of legally spreading childhood - says a specialist who believes that healthy foods can be combined with greens and fruits.

A British doctor has called on the NHS to start a revolutionary new diet for obese infants, which, among other things, encourages those affected to eat nine biscuits a day. Currently, 30 percent of children between the ages of 2 and 15 are demented in the United Kingdom, with many at high risk of developing heart disease. It is estimated that we can speak of similar rates in Hungary.

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Based on Dr. Sarah Brewer's suggestion, it would be a good idea to include a controversial United States diйtбt, which, in addition to eating greens and fruits for dinner, also prefers biscuits. This means that the little ones can eat nine biscuits a day, plus a 500-700 calorie dinner, greens and fruits arбnyбra. According to Dr. Brewer, such radical measures are needed to remedy obesity that is spreading legally.
"The childhood elhнzбs is sъlyos kцzegйszsйgьgyi krнzist whose immediate beavatkozбsra kapcsбn is szьksйg. Szбmos kьlцnbцzх megkцzelнtйs kiprуbбlбsa utбn kijelenthetjьk that hagyomбnyos mуdszerek be lennьnk to hatбstalanok. Eljцtt the New Account szemlйlet time. Bбr the extrйm diйtбkat йrdemes utolsу lehetхsйgkйnt apply, having regard to many seedlings are living a life of disease, "the expert explained. 21st Century Problem century's approach can be solved.
"Replace unhealthy snacks with healthier ones that guarantee a satisfying, healthy look and biscuits," suggested dr. Brewer.


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