Shit baby

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Don't be afraid, because you get sick, I used to say. But do we know what that crap is? According to the official textbook definition, "the hernia protrudes through a wall surrounded by certain parts of the body under normal conditions."

Shit baby

The medical name for the serpent is hernia. The Latin name for the affected body is always added to this. Therefore, hereafter, the two most common congenital fibrils will be derived from the hernia umbilical, which is the bovine hernia and the hernia invinular, which is the femur.


The lesions are cavernous in the center of the abdomen. Everything started from here, led by the umbilical cord, through which food and oxygen flowed from the maternal body into the fetus. When the cord is cut at birth, they leave a small stump. As the days go by, this little stump disappears, and six to ten days later it is detached from the sender. A small wet wound remains in place which, in the short term, completely heals and forms a squeezed lobe. However, the ligamentous ligament surrounding the insertion may be weak, not completely closed. In this case, the skin, under the skin, has a tummy tuck (medical name for a drip) and small spotted mites, which results in a transverse barrier. The reason for this is that, after removing the stump, it is not a dent, but a glossy, soft, tactile relief. The gift box is especially raised when the child is crying. In this case, the internal pressure in the abdominal cavity increases, and even more, the lumbar spine in the cavity becomes more depressed. It's an alarming affair for worried parents. They also do their best to stop the baby from crying. They feed, wander, shake, rock them. Of course, this little one won't stop at all, in fact! Feeling the nervousness of her parents, she screams better. But because of the shit it is completely unnecessary to worry! Even if it initially grows up, it even causes more trouble than it does at rest, even when it is in trouble. This is the kind of shit that is very jуindulatъ. It is not a headache, it does not hinder a child in its development, and it is the most rare thing to cause any complication. And most importantly, babies' misshapen thinks of itself in most cases. As a child, the tissues of the abdominal wall are strengthened, strengthens your muscles. By the age of one year, the cost of your gift will be getting smaller and then, when all goes well, it gradually disappears by itself.There is an old, much-debated method for speeding up the ringing of the ring - this is yours. leragasztбs. The essence of the procedure is to place a gas-shaped button on the sender, then lift up the skin by forming a vertical curl on two sides, flatten the bar with a dash of water and dry with water. Although the adhesive technique is still a believer, the vast majority of professionals agree that the procedure outweighs the costs rather than the benefits. After all, the baby's sensitive skin will turn red after a while, it will become corrosive, and be as "skin-friendly" as the leukoplasty available today. And it has not been proven that pasted bibs heal faster than those left on a baby.If the baby's bib is not lost, there will be no other back than operбciу. Wounds have a tiny routine that they should use to preschool.


The anomaly is that a stomach belly, which should close to the end of pregnancy, remains open even after birth. This is ъn. Fibers start from the abdomen, and externally, under the skin, into the patches. Nylsa, the ъn. the gateway, which under the skin, in the form of a circular ring, the testes of the feet, the upper part of the tongue of the tongue of the tongue. The corpus luteum may also be present in the lymph, which does no good to this diminutive little organ. On the other hand, the hernia that grows large in the chickens can go down to the testicles, and in this case we are talking not only of the testis but of the testis. Frequent change of head arch, detect between 2-3 infants per hundred babies. Babies are 80-90 percent boys, and relatively many are prematurely born. Of course, this is also logical, because "good work takes time", and if someone is born soon, he or she may be left behind. For example, certain hash hoses remain open. Also, an open gateway is not crippled, as it can close down spontaneously. You will become crippled when the cavity is slipped. The bar is easy to recognize: there is a protrusion above the lower abdomen, scrotum, or at the beginning of the big lip, which is mostly plum kernel-sized, but can be as many or as many eggs. Usually one-sided, but not uncommon among the two-sided. At first you can only see if your stomach is pressed, so it is predominantly at bedtime, at bedtime. However, as the horn grows older, it becomes more frequent and disappears. The contents of the hernia are carefully pressed, massaged in movements visszahelyezhetх, can be returned to the abdomen, ie swelling can be eliminated. This is called reparation of the seam. The pediatrician will always try to reinstall it when examining the seam. If that goes easy, there is no cause for concern. Let's learn this movement! It's not the purpose of getting the goats back in their seats - it won't work. However, we must always know whether or not the hernia can be repro- duced. The main danger of the leaf arch is that it is called Exclusion can spark up, that is, the lobe is enlarged so much that it cannot be restored to the abdomen. Especially herons with narrow gates are prone to this severe event. In this case, the gate gently squeezes and squeezes the veins of the goats. Blood flow slows down, the blood stagnates in the blood vessels, so the tissues become watery. However, as the whole spider swells further, it is more tightly entrapped in the hymen, and its blood vessels are also tightened. This malfunction can lead to the blood circulation in the excluded stomach to stop completely, and if the aid is lost, the stomach dies, leading to severe diarrhea and life-threatening circulatory shock. We need to consult a doctor immediately if we find that the easy-to-replace hernia suddenly swells, and we cannot massage it back until now. If a baby with a pet is not good, first see if we can put the baby back. If this does not work, we can try the hot bath. Floating in the bath relaxes the baby's abdominal muscles and repeatedly repositions the tummy. If this is not the case, seek medical attention immediately. The bottom line is that if you only suspect exclusion - direction is the order!

Mûtét - but when?

If the baby turns out to be demented, it is best to be spiritually prepared to sooner or later it will have to be operated on. Because these are usually very tiny - barely a week or two - the wounds tend to delay the operation. The date of the intervention always depends on the circumstances. If the hernia is ruled out - just like in the premature infant - it must be removed immediately, as it is a life-threatening condition. However, in the case of babies, if the ovaries have crawled into the hub, doctors will seek surgery sooner to avoid damaging the important organ that produces these eggs. The pediatrician usually gives a referral to the pediatric emergency order when the hernia is detected. The surgeon will assess the situation and, if he / she sees no need for immediate intervention, will return the child to regular check-ups. The date of the surgery will be decided by life.If there is no problem, the surgery will be done around four to six months. The procedure is technically very simple and does not take more than 10-15 minutes. It is short-term under general anesthesia and requires blood tests and a general medical examination. Today, the wound edges are not fixed with seams, but with a special adhesive. This method will reduce the scar. The hospital stay is usually no more than 3-4 days. (In older children and adult females, we will return in a later issue.)