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Comfort Lifestyle - What You Need to Know About Roulla?

Comfort Lifestyle - What You Need to Know About Roulla?

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Don't let the baby fuck you, especially the kid! - This advice is often given to baby moms. Whoever says this gives very bad advice, because comfort nursing has very important functions.

Comfort Lifestyle - What You Need to Know About Roulla?

When your baby is breastfeeding, there are several reasons for this: the so-called nutritive, that is, when taking food (eating, drinking) and when you don't want to meet your dietary needsbut also looking for peace of mind, relaxation, or suckling for pain. The latter is usually said to only cum on the breast and does not "use" what the currency is. This setting is therefore age-appropriate, as the baby has a number of other needs, as mentioned above. During this kind of comfort nursing, both the baby and the mother release substances that both relax and soothe. (Your maternal example of this is that many mothers become blind during breastfeeding.) An important function of comfort breastfeeding is that the baby releases digestive enzymes that aid in breastfeeding.For comfort it is also important from the point of view of milk production: the more the baby has the breast, the more stimulation the breast gets and so much milk is produced. there are few who cum or suck their fingers. There is simply no need for breast pads. Comfort breastfeeding is not only harmful or unnecessary, but on the contrary just as importantsuch as breastfeeding to meet your baby's nutritional needs.Related articles in breastfeeding:
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