What to do with the child when it rains?

What to do with the child when it rains?

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Is it raining? Jump to regular gambling? So what do we do with the kid?

What to do with the child when it rains?I guess it happened to you that you would have to quickly find a program that was in-house or in a closed place. Well, but what?

Let's do nothing!

In one of the stories of Anna, Peti, and Gergh, on a rainy day - when they could not go anywhere - the family decided not to do anything. Of course, there are countless things going on that day, much more than having a smartly designed program. Evening, they are surprised to learn that they have a very busy day. Why? Because such a day offers the opportunity for creativity, currency, and such a day can be really productive of your spontaneity. And what can you do on a day like this? Here's an idea:
  • paint more beautiful pictures on pebbles collected during trips
  • make fruit figurines (from chestnuts, acorns, leaves, seeds)
  • stick typefaces
  • make printed paprika, potatoes
  • play with sour flour plasticine
  • download color, cartoons and puzzles from the internet
  • make cardboard boxes, materials with a little extra costume
  • put together a little dollhouse story (just a couple of crayons, colored paper, glue and felt-tip pens) that you can bring
  • paint your hands, feet, and paint beautiful paintings, pictures
  • smaller ones could make bunkers out of boxes under the table with blankets
  • you can play parent games for bigger ones, you can play stone-paper-lollipop, you can try the country-city-boy game as well
  • socialize, card, dominate, story read, slide show

Direction of the playhouse!

One day on a shaky day, if you're looking for new levels of play and kids, target your favorite playbooks or try out new places! Find out what kind of (musical, fabulous, moving, or creative) program options your playhouse has that your child would love to join. If, however, only the draining of excess energy, good mood, and joy is your goal, then it is worth taking into consideration the closed, safe, and guaranteed rain-free games of the playhouses, .

Mъzeum? Children?

Yes, why not? Nowadays, museums do not offer strict room women and slippers. There are specifically a бllandу mъzeumi kiбllнtбsok which lekцtik smaller children as well (such as the pйldбul kьlцnfйle termйszeti kiбllнtбsok, autуs-hadtцrtйneti kiбllнtбsok Tale kiбllнtбsok, szбmнtуgйpes kiбllнtбsok) of the kisiskolбsokat nйprajzi, tцrtйnelmi jellegы kiбllнtбsok also йrdeklik you have already. In addition, if you can combine these with museum education in the museum, you will have the opportunity to learn in real time. Such workshops are held by trained educators, and they present children in a fun and interactive way everything that can be found in a museum. Some of the occupations may be subject to seasonal and permanent exhibitions, while other occupations associated with various festivities may continue to be programmed.

No fashion: let's get to the library!

Children can enjoy the library for up to 3 years. A rainy day is a great time for reading books. In particular, little ones can get their own reading ticket and take the selected books to the women in the library. You may also want to pay attention to other programs in children's libraries: libraries also have countless creative activities (drawing, crafts), fabulous games, read-to-read meetings (meetings with children).

Sports with kid

Even small children can go to exercise classes, where the mom can turn off, and the child will not get bored. Such as baby-mom yoga, kanga training, carry-on gymnastics, but a baby-mom yoga session is an excellent program on a turbulent day. For the kids, playground frameworks also offer extraordinary physical activity.

Dollhouse, advanced theater

From the age of 3, it is worthwhile to think about attending shorter gym classes. If your kid can sit down at least one ounce, you can have a huge chance at a puppy show. The theater can be suggested as early as early school age. In either case, however, be aware of the age range, the length of the piece, and of course, it is worth reading after the story. Of course, you are the most competent at raising a child for such a serious "challenge".
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