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Grasshopper in chocolate

Grasshopper in chocolate

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It's hard to imagine insects being part of our daily routine, but there are more and more viruses.

Grasshopper in chocolate

A recent study in the Food Science Bulletin reveals that insects that are still popular in Africa and Asia to date can provide a solution to the white screenThe kцzeljцvх йlelmezйsi йs mezхgazdasбgi problйmбira - use theбrmennyire the entomofбgiбtуl get disgusted, that the insects elfogyasztбsбtуl, according to szakйrtхk jцvхben valуszнnыleg szьksйg will szokбsaink ъjragondolбsбra the globбlis йlelmezйsbiztonsбg garantбlбsбhoz.A vilбg nйpessйgйnek fast nцvekedйse the йs scarcity of our natural resources because a major problem in agriculture, solving imminent "white matter" among insects - can be found in the latest edition of the Food Science Reports In ancient Greece, for example, cucumbers were considered delicious, but all over the world, birds, crickets, grasshoppers and German soldiers were also consumed in the 1600s. Mуzes tцrvйnyei also engedйlyeztйk the sбskбk evйsйt that insects near the vadmйz kйpeztйk alapjбt Keresztelх St. Jбnos aszkйtikus йtrendjйnek, but йlelmiszernek accepted the iszlбm vilбgban szбmнtottak the hangyбk, ellenйre mйhek.Annak to Angliбban йs nйhбny Western eurуpai orszбgban as there are some available insectivorous insects (such as grasshopper in chocolate), European societies are largely rejected in fact, entomophagy is a topic that is specifically taboo. Let's start with the economies. The rapidly growing world population is not only burdening agriculture, but the demand for animal whites is also causing significant environmental overload. However, the ehetх insect species viszonyнtva mбs бllatokhoz (beef, sertйs, poultry) is very kismйrtйkы terhelйst eredmйnyeznek, insects rбadбsul szбrazsбgtыrхk, йs not tъl igйnyesek the takarmбnyozбs terйn.Mindemellett the mezхgazdasбgi йs йlelmiszeripar mellйktermйkeinek szйles kцrйt hasznosнtjбk, no szьksйgьk huge kiterjedйsы mezхgazdasбgi terьletekre, the breeding can solve the problem of feeding large masses at the same time.

But why might insects be so desirable to us?

Insects contain high levels of white / amino acids and other nutrients, including fatty acids, color hydrates, minerals (Ca, Mg, Cu, Mn, Zn, Se), and vitamins (A-, D2, -, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12, folic acid). According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), well-insured insects pose no greater risk than meat, after all, the only question is whether or not they are legally considered food. The request was first made 8 years ago by the European Commission and is currently governed by Regulation (EC) No 258/97, according to which extracts of insects (eg, white isolates, head, intestines, etc.) have been eliminated. In Hungary, for example, insects do not qualify as traditional foods, and there is no historical evidence that they have been consumed in significant quantities. but not as food-borne. However, insects may consume food as much as they eat, sooner or later in some form (for example, by removing ingredients from the insect) we will all meet with us on our board!
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