Men's biology is ticking, too

Men's biology is ticking, too

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It is not just women who have to worry about the loss of time when planning a baby. After the age of 41, men's national skills decline from year to year.

Men's biology is ticking, too

If you want a male kid, Up to 45 years do something about it - recommend the researchers. True, it seems to contradict theory, for example Rod Stewart who became a father of eight to eight at the age of 66. Professionals withdrew this conclusion after examining artificial fertilization, so that the age of the surgeon did not play a role. Donated women were all young and healthy, so fertilization success was exclusively in sperm quality.41 to 45 years Decreased by one week every year the chances of success, and later the situation was worse. According to a lecture at the American Reproductive Medicine Conference, the procedure was successful for 41 years at 60, and for only 45 percent at 45 years. "He counted on age, the male window also functions in the biological barn. They are not quite the same as women, but they cannot wait to be infatuated with fraud. After 45 years, you have to think hard about it, "he said Paula Fettback, a doctor at the Huntigton Medina Clinic in Brazil.An other presentation at the conference reported on experiments in mice. In animals, fertility declines after one year - the equivalent of the middle age of humans. The sperm of the older mice were able to fertilize fewer eggs in the flask and began to grow properly. Pregnancy was harder to come by, and they had 60 abortions, which was zero for young animals. According to researchers from the Meddish Center of Colorado, the data may be valid for humans.Other studies have shown that children of the older bishop they are more likely to suffer from autism, epilepsy, heart disease, schizophrenia, and are also more likely not to reach adulthood. It is true that men always produce "fresh" sperm, but the process slows down, and many mistakes can be made. Dr. Richard Sherbahn, a worker at the Chicago Center for Productivity, stressed that the nation's capacity was reduced by just a couple of percent each year. Artificial insemination enables the elimination of defects in the sperm that are not available in the case of ova.Charles Kingsland, the Council of the Feminine Council of the Liverpool Women's Church, a member of the British Society for Research, expressed doubts about the quality of the research and said that she thought the quality of the egg was decisive. "There are many benefits to having a father at a young age. Most importantly, he is still full of energy. But as you get older, you often have the opportunity to bring wisdom, stability, and perhaps greater financial security. There is no need to worry about the decline in capacity, "he said.
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