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Brotherhood bullying is more harmful than you believe

Brotherhood bullying is more harmful than you believe

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Not only can children be subject to punishment at school, but at home it happens that one of the brothers harasses the other.

Sibling bullying is more damaging than you think Huffpost, in an article in the topic, Melissa, 27, recalled that she had been looking for a refugee way through her childhood, which meant she had to go to school. For at home, her stepmothers and stepchildren have been permanently beaten, stolen, and lost her personal effects. Stepmother had poured water on her bed and then told her mom that Melissa was peeing to drain her. "When I was 10 years old, I was sitting in the kitchen with my hands and thinking about ending my life because I felt so depressed, depressed," the woman told her, the only shelter in the school.Although it is not about the New East, but bullying has only recently begun to be taken seriously, And it is already considered a serious public health problem - not surprising, since some estimates suggest that 30% of children are affected by such punishments. And these children are more likely to develop anxiety, depression, and other health problems, and are more likely to stay in or out of school. outside the house - at school, on the bus, on the playground, etc. - and research into this is more focused on the school environment. But according to research home-based bullying between brothers and sisters is similarly common in school cases, And it can be just as damaging - mainly because kids feel like they have less escape opportunities than in a non-home environment. Melissa said she felt completely helpless in this situation. The woman is now a mother, but has only one child because she fears that if they were more, the siblings would behave similarly, worried about possible aggression. - My father worked very hard and my stepmother didn't really care. It was as if there was no change and I had to realize that this is life. Even though life is not like that, there is a huge difference between a normal sibling fight and what I went through. And that was going on, ”Melissa said.

What exactly is fratricide?

One of the biggest difficulties with fraternity research is finding out how long a typical fraternity conflict lasts and what falls into the category of harassment and punishment. Professionals tend to think of bullying as unwanted and aggressive behavior, which is the intentional punishment of the weaker and the weaker, and this is repeated. Based on what Melissa experienced as a child, he is clearly in a state of harassment, not a simple quarrel between brothers and sisters.Sibling bullying is a very common occurrence, according to a 2014 study in which more than 400 young people were asked about bullying at home and at school, with a majority of participants choosing to his brothers and sisters experienced it much more often than they did at school. And a 2013 study looked at the mild aggression between siblings - something that can't be called regular bullying - and has also found a relationship that is clearly free of disturbances. children learn key lessons about love, conflict, and general social behavior - and this is why harassment between siblings involves a lot of extra emotional burden. Kids who have good working, loving sibling relationships, they will become better friends and have better quality relationships, as well as those who have been frustrated with fraternity - members of the latter group may be more easily victimized in their later relationships.

What can parents do?

Beth, now 54, told the newspaper that the sibling harassment she had to endure as a child was the worst sensation in her life of the adults who should have killed her, as if you had let regular harassment and physical punishment stop. - It was as if my mother had made excuses too: it was always better for a boyfriend to be beaten than any other boy. there is no other adult who can notice it. It is therefore the parents' responsibility to make a difference between normal sibling conflict and harassment - in the latter case intent, repetition, and tipping power can all be warning signs. In the case of an average sibling conflict, they are both ridiculed, dirty with the other, while harassing one is the other, usually a child is the aggressor. - for example, children are constantly bumping into a gaming console - or, for no good reason, just punishment. Parents should take this problem seriously, just as they would in a case of school bullying. In this case, it is worthwhile to prepare an action plan and, if necessary, ask for outside help. One should not think that things will be sorted out on their own, it is very important that they intervene and help all the children at this time, not just the punished ones.Related links: