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So drop it in your ear, nose, face alone

So drop it in your ear, nose, face alone

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It is not easy to solve a drop in the eye, nose or ear alone. Dad or Mama aren't always there to help. Some tips to make the operation uncomfortable for you and your child.

An eye drop operation

Lay the baby down on the carpet, wrap it around your head, and give birth. It also opens your eyes involuntarily, away from your kicking legs and you can grab your hands.
If you are not at rest, take advantage of the minutes before waking up. You can also apply a drop of eyelid from the eye droplet to the inner corner of the eye, as soon as the child opens the eye, the liquid is placed in the correct position.

How do you drop it?

Put the dropper bottle in lukewarm water to warm it and cook it by yourself. Place the child on the side, with one hand gently lowered and the back with the other hand. No problem if you "get depressed" after playing wrestling and keep your thighs in the right posture between your two legs.

Nasal drops

First clean your nose. The use of a nasal spray, rather a jump nose drop, is easier and more advantageous. Simply insert it into the small nostrils, hold your head with your hand for a moment.
Put it on your back to drop, lean over your body with one hand, hold the head with one hand, and drop with the other.

It is not so easy to apply nasally in a nicely effective way


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