Q: Who, when and how to drink?

Q: Who, when and how to drink?

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It is not easy to go back and calculate to whom, when, under what conditions. A number of expectant mothers queue up to ask who, when, how to count. We have collected some important information.

Who Eligible?

Eligibility is explicitly clarified by law. According to this, the insured mother giving birth to a child is entitled to a child if she was insured for 365 days within two years prior to childbirth. An insured parent (for example, a father or an adopted parent) may also be entitled if the childcare allowance was insured for 365 days within two years prior to qualifying.
Also listed is eligible for a childcare allowance for a parent who is eligible for a childcare allowance / child who is entitled to (or claim) had been insured 365 days in a year. However, your foster parent or substitute parent is not entitled to your child.

What is the sum?

When having a child, it is very important how much income the family can count on during the period when one of the parents is engaged in raising the child (ren). The amount of your child is 70 percent of your average daily income (which is less than that calculated), but of course this is a maximum of at least 70 months. may. As a result, the 2015 child care premium may be gross 147,000 gross monthly.

When you are a child, it is important to count on a fixed income

We can talk about the classic kid as well graduate childtoo. In the case of a higher basic qualification, a higher vocational qualification or a higher vocational qualification, the monthly sum of this amount shall be 500 (for a minimum of 70), or for a qualification of a student of at least Customers taking part in the master's and doctoral training must be counted on the guaranteed minimum wage (122 thousand HUF) and the 70 percent, which is 85 400 HUF.

How, where to get it?

An application for a child care gift is written in "Claim for Child Care Grant" GYED. One copy of Form 1 must be submitted to the employer. The бllбskeresйsi tбmogatбsban rйszesьlхk make this munkaьgyi kцzpontnбl, mнg the egyйni vбllalkozу the хstermelх and цnfoglalkoztatу illetйkes the szйkhelye of business, lakуhelye by egйszsйgbiztosнtбsi pйnztбrnбl nyъjthatja the kйrelmйt нrбsban, the "Igйnybejelentйs tбppйnz, children бpolбsa cнmйn igйnyelt tбppйnz, terhessйgi -Child care assistance, child care prize, accident assistance claim "on electronic form.
The amount of the childcare allowance is based on the personal income tax allowance, the insured person's pension, the pension insurance member's allowance, taking into account the tax deductible.
But do not feledkezzьnk the csalбdi kedvezmйnyrхl that elnevezйsы nyomtatvбny to "csalбdi kedvezmйny (йs jбrulйkkedvezmйny) йrvйnyesнtйsйrхl the kifizetхtхl szбrmazу bevйtel adуelхlegйnek megбllapнtбsбhoz йvben 2015 Adуelхleg declaration" to be igйnyelni, ъgy that child care was folyуsнtу body nyъjtjuk kitцltйsйvel submit this form.
A jobseeker can apply for a job at the Continuing Employment Center.
The childcare allowance can be requested up to 6 months back from the date of application.


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