50 things to do while your baby is small

50 things to do while your baby is small

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The first few years are freaking out, so we advise you to try to enjoy the time as you can. Here are 50 tips to improve the first years and the lives of both.

The first couple of years are about to pass - Take the time!

1. Let's get to know you better. Tell me more about yourself, reach out 2. Collect soft little skin with kisses. Later will not let you down.3. Remember bt when srr.4. Learn how to breathe in the worst sensations you can breathe.5. Color it, do it as many times as you can, and the unwashed and uninvited clothes will be worth it! Really pay attention when you speak, because you often find out what it really is about the little stories that seem to be the most insignificant (since this is your message that will remain hidden later in adulthood) .7. Let them play yoga / gymnastics with you, even if that means you can't enjoy it hundreds of times.8. Slow down and, instead of carrying it with you, let it run at its own pace.9. Learn to ask for help.10. Show him how much he can do on his own.11. Let her wear this skirt to her mackуnac, even if you think she looks so ridiculous.12. Help her discover what's good in the rainy days.13. Put your phone down and look it in the eye if you say something later that you can justifiably expect the same. Teach it to be respectful to others and to you.15. Laugh at your jokes.16. Remember: he is not you.17. Read a lot with him / her.18. Say no if necessary, even if it seems extremely cruel.19. Say yes if necessary, even if it is difficult for you.20. Play it in the hue.21. Run around it with garden watering 22. Never ask to kiss or hug someone to learn that they alone can control their body.23. Tolerate that you are putting stones in the bathroom (even if it is annoying at times) .24. Sing with her until she thinks she has the most beautiful voice in the world.25. Explain to him that everyone has bad days, but that is not equal to bad life.26. Show him the little treasures of life that he has every day when he is watched.27. Talk to him.28. Teach him to love himself and try to get the maximum he has.29. You are also very positive about your body.30. Agree with your parent's parenting principles when they are there.31. Lean over and be enthralled when you impress him with a tiny beetle.32. Provide security for you.33. You should also load it with carnival age.34. Respect different people.35. Praise when you behave well.36. Instead of saying "I'm upset" say "I'm upset." Surrender your feelings to the soul.37. Never give up on your hobbies to teach them the importance of not giving up on your own hobbies while working hard. (Of course, it is better to have the same one.) 38. Always have time for a hug.39. Tell her how happy you are to be her mother.40. Occasionally have "offline" days / weekends when you are all concentrating on currency life (for example, going to a forest trip) .41. Pass on the traditions that are important to you.42. Never forget to play.43. Let them live the feelings of the negative, like anger or sadness.44. Remember how much you love it, but also that you are a parent.45. Try to look at them from the perspective of your own desires and happiness, not from your own experience.46. Learn how to tell a review without being naughty.47. Do not keep every score for the weekend.48. Learn to be jealous of others' successes instead of envy.49. Always have at least one that seems "impossible" бlmod.50. Be with him in the present, even if you are having a hard time or just having an extra day. Do it as long as you can and really do!Forrбs: mother.lyRelated articles in parenting:
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