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The stereotype that graduate women choose a career instead of having a baby is not true, according to the latest research.

After the first birth graduate women have second-best children than graduates, and secondary school graduates in this regard, says Tamáss Bartus, University of Budapest.

The associate professor also said that they had a high school diploma they wait a long time for the first child, but for the second child to bring in lost time. Similarly, the expectation of having a first child and having a second child is as low as that of a primary school student, as opposed to those who are retired. As she said, women with a diploma have few children in some age groups, but have more children than their mature counterparts, and she thinks that the stereotype that a woman with a diploma should have a child instead of having one is not necessarily true.
Tamás Bartus pointed out that there are many graduate women who do not have the first child, but this is not necessarily due to the fact that careers are favored over the young, but also graduated as a male and a during re-selection most people aspire to have a couple with similar affections.
According to him, graduates graduated between 1966 and 1975 are more dental for a third child than those graduated in the same year. Three or more children are most likely to be religious families, and according to previous research, graduates are more likely to vallбsosok its value, as in the enlisted, ”he remarked.
He added: In 2001, we represented a sample of 16,000 people between 18 and 74 years of age in our Life Turning Program. The respondents were contacted in 2004 and 2008 as well.