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5 Cure for Summer Troubles

5 Cure for Summer Troubles

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You do not have to resort to chemicals if the foot first filters its treasures. We recommend the majority of herbal remedies you find yourself on the go. Come on!

Insect Lavender

Insect infestation is a sure thing of the poplar, but the cuckoo is not abandoned. The most stinging itch, there is the head. The itch is reduced by the cold, so it is good to put a cold body part under the cold water or squeeze it into an ice cube. This is also the reason why we usually use menthol ointments to reduce the unpleasant side effects of dripping. If you don't want to apply for a pharmacy remedy and rely on herbs, you can make your own lavender oil extract, which you can always keep in your little glass bottle!
Mix 5 ml of lavender oil with 25 ml of 40% alcohol and pour into a well-drained glass. Apply a small drop of cotton wool on a small cotton ball and place it on the drip. If you have a big problem, you can keep it up to a quarter of Urn. Exceptionally relieves pain, itching.

Lest they come there: lemons

If you have a lemon tree in your garden, you should be a little wet, as it is an almost inexorable resource, and it grows very easily. But look at your page. One piece has an incredibly delicate scent when you scrub a letter with two fingers. So whenever you "meet" him, you can always feel a little better. If you put lemon leaves in lemonade, or even in a jug of cold water, you will have a fine water drink. And if you want to keep insects away, put a tile on the windowsill or use lemon balm oil in your oil pan. If you are going out, you can also spray your clothes with a mix of lemon oil and water. Apply essential oils to your skin only if you have been exposed to a sensitive area in a small area and are not allergic to it.

Against diarrhea, lуsуska

If you like to go out, you're almost sure to get stuck. That is, you would rather hit this tall, slender, shrubby, bushy, clean-growing plant that can be up to two meters tall. The letter has a pretty sour taste.
Almost all of its ingredients are healing, but tea made from seeds is effective against diarrhea. The antimicrobial activity of the product is known to be chewing. You can also prevent it if you travel abroad.
Boil a tablespoon of luska seeds with 2 dl of water, leave to stand for 15 minutes. The patient should urinate and drink abundantly.

If you're out: orbбncfы

Of course, it is best not to burn off, which means staying as long as your skin is healthy. You can prevent sunburn with regular sunscreens, but it is not a bad thing to use tomato-based ointment before your vacation. Well, okay, finishing off in the best of families, because it's so hard to stop and get out of the water while playing ball and hanging out. Then you are good at applying painful body parts with ornament oil.
The purple brings a beautiful, golden-yellow flower. it is characteristic that when we break the petal, it colors our fingers red. You can also make orbбncfы oil. Fill a glass with oregano flower and then fill with olive oil. In a sunny spot, the color changes to red in every two weeks. Store the drained oil in a dark glass!

Herbal tea instead of Habinger

We recommend that you do this during your pregnancy, as it effectively reduces the all-day condition called "morning sickness".
If any member of the family is prone to feeling sick while traveling, you can make herbal candy, either from a filter version or from a fresh tub. For the latter, you need to grate a teaspoon of milk and sprinkle two deciums of water. Leave it covered for 10 minutes, cool it down, and then serve to the delicacy. If you carry a candy or a candy bar, you can help.You may also be interested in these articles:
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