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Multiple roles

Multiple roles

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It is not easy to reconcile your child and your career to include household, chick, girlfriends and maybe some fun. This is absolutely impossible. Or else?

Perfect mothers, by the way, are not

Most expectation is that women support themselves. They want one at a time to stand on all fronts, all the while they are not hurting in pain. It is unnecessary to wait for nerve collapse, but it is also worth skipping the tip. Must accept that we can't be perfect in everything, so you should relax wherever we can.


The first step in loosening is to sort out our tasks. The very important gets ahead, the less the back. And from the top we go down, assuming that the sun is up and down twice as well. And let's also learn to select.

You are a woman!

When working with a toddler mother at work, they tend to forget that working women and mothers are superfluous. Men are more concerned when women return to the world of work, so they are rewarded. Two programs on weekends, relaxing massage after Saturday night movie.