Important puppets for your baby

Important puppets for your baby

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It is not easy to reconcile your diet with much more vitamins and minerals, but only 13 percent more calories.

Vitamins are the most important because they are the spark plugs for accelerated metabolism. The fetal nervous system requires an abundance of B1, white metabolism, and vitamin B6. Vitamins B can be found in dairy products, meat, wholemeal cereal products, and oilseeds. Vitamin A is important for the regeneration of the tissues, with special regard to the organ.
Vitamin A is soluble in fat, so it is stored in the body, beware of overdosing. Let's eat more bйta-carotene (orange, red fruits, greens, broccoli), from this the body produces the necessary amount of vitamin A, the excess is eliminated from the body. Hrre sensitive, so best source for a freshly squeezed vegetables and fruits. Mineral substances are important constituents of fetal growth. During the daily iron intake, it should be noted that the absorption of iron is inhibited by black tea, which is enhanced by vitamin C.

Drink enough milk daily!

Calcium is required for bone uptake, daily 3/4 liters of milk or the corresponding lean dairy products, calcium rich in water biztosнthatjuk. At night, calcium is better absorbed: get a cheese before bedtime. Although yoga is very important, every second expectant mother is a jedi. Let's use only joods!
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