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Clinging to the first wings

Clinging to the first wings

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It doesn't matter what your little one is getting into. If you allow yourself to evolve in your own way, you will find help yourself: the furniture or the wall comes down.

You have to let the little one go in his / her body, every step of the development improves his / her balance and stamina

Greater distance for bridging, for example, at one end of the room for the rest, it is about to fall. You will soon realize that you do not have to mumble when you have help, for example, if you push a chair in front of you. The chair can tip over, better to have a push wheel that you can safely rely on. Similarly, she clings to her stroller when she pushes her. Always grab the push handle! moon ferry does not help, but also hinders the development of the child, because the weight of the small child is not on his own foot, does not use his balance, and does not gain useful (though sometimes uncomfortable) moving experience. You hold onto your hand Also, it pulls itself close to you. Lower your arm If the vertebra stays horizontal and you do not put the edge of the vertebra, your movement can develop freely, sensing a balance. Lower it to the ground when it leans out and let it rise unsteadily. hold him under his hornand head with two hands to guide you, but as you progress through each step, your development will improve your balance, stamina, and fighting spirit. Temporarily, it may also be the case that a bunch of young children dare to repeat themselves or dare to go out by hand.
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