The child will not have a problem because a parent is raising him

The child will not have a problem because a parent is raising him

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Not all families have two parents, and according to the CSO, the ratio of single parents is 20 percent. These single-parent families are also diverse, bringing up their children in many ways.

The child will not have a problem because a parent is raising him

It won't be a problem for a child because he or she lives with a parent, but instead because its environment is conflicting.It's hard to say that a lonely family is good or bad for the child in it. Obviously, it is much better for your parents to divorce and to live with only one parent, if the parents are all alone with conflict and unhappiness. According to psychologist Karolina Cziglánn, the child will not be a problem because she is being raised by a parent, but in a conflicted environment; families are also very diverse They are. We like to think that mother-father-children are a family when not only is there a double family, but where it is, it can be diverse, for example, it may not be the same as the parent (s) parents raise a child. And over the last decade, more and more people are having children alone. It is so difficult to give everyone the same legal answer about parenting and family life. There is a lot of research on whether children raised by a parent are more problematic. The topic of interest is yoga, since 20 percent of Hungarian families are single. The research has yielded contradictory results: Generally speaking, yes, there are some problems that are more common, eg. schooling, anxiety, depression, drug abuse, suicide. However, researchers have come to the conclusion that it is not in the background of the problem that a parent is raising a child, but rather that there is an unintended she had a single child. According to statistics, these women are, for the most part, more highly qualified than average, and because of their free enterprise, we can anticipate the financial side of the situation, йletйben. The benefit is for those who freely have children alone, to plan the future better, to advance the helping channels (friends, relatives) who will be able to support them, so they will feel much less alone. Of course, this also means that you anticipate the hardships that arise when someone is raising a child alone. There is no emotional cure, no reassurance, and no struggle to rebuild something and give it stability to the child - all of which are fatal or fatal. if you have a relationship that is peaceful and responsible, and you have the child's best interests and needs in mind, you can make the choice easier. It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to what happens when the family is lonely.However, we know what a good child is They are emotionally identical parents, do not play a happy family unless they are balanced. If the child is the one to choose the currency, if you know what your limits are. If, for example, you are counting on only one parent, you should not believe that if the other parent is present in the life, if you know for certain that you will not. Most importantly, the child knows it's not their fault, they can't let their parents not live together. Transparent relationships, even if difficult, make the situation predictable for the child.
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