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Do not like pregnancy - normal condition?

Do not like pregnancy - normal condition?

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Not all expectant moms enjoy the days of baby screening. Something wrong with us? Neither did Tvvolru.

In movies, little kids are happy walking down the street, the smile never wears off their faces, every moment full of glow and happiness the currency is completely different. Each pregnancy is unique. A part of a pregnant mother loves all her moments, and for the remainder of her life, nine months ago. None. Completely understandable, if the swollen ankle, that Sensitive breasts, our hormones or the fact that we spend half our lives on the side, they are not made for great happiness.The next nine hours the most pregnant mother On a emotional rollercoaster take part. From happiness to physical and mental exhaustion and back. If we are lucky and the valley is more than the summit, then we should not be in doubt.

Let's always be honest

If we raise our consciousness because of what an unnatural thing about not enjoying a pregnancy, it's just because we believe every other pregnant mum will be doing her nine months. In fact, many expectant mothers struggle with similar sensations, problems, and are just a little bit braver. If someone asks us to be honest, let's be honest with him.

Let's talk about roula

It is invaluable for a friend or family member with whom we can talk honestly and openly about our daily lives and feelings. It might even be helpful if we just talk about it. Even if a family member or friend who is trusted by us can stand by us with all his wholeheartedness, he can be supportive and supportive if we need him.

Forget about guilt

In addition to a state of guilt, a pregnant mother is also worried that if she is pregnant, she will probably be a horny mother. Remember, let's face it, we have no reason to be guilty and absolutely normal about what we feel. There is nothing left between our senses during pregnancy and what kind of mother we are. Just the fact that you constantly knock out potatoes in the toilet doesn't mean we won't love our baby.

Do not like pregnancy - normal condition?

Let's make new friends

It is not fair enough to operate a "I don't like my pregnancy club"; in the neighborhood, but that doesn't rule out getting to know a little baby who feel alike about their status. If we talk honestly with other would-be moms, we will soon realize that they have more doubts than we think. Talking in a similar position helps to make us feel normal for the rest of the time. We can also make friends in dozens of online forums on the Internet.

Let's focus on the goal belt

We did not become pregnant, nor did we become oblivious, fatigued, and stomach depressed for a positive pregnancy test. The state of excitement can also be considered as a journey, with both tummy tuck and hippopotamus, but at the end of the day, we can keep our newborn baby in our arms. On harder days, let's try to fuck this little girl who grows up in our stomachs and don't forget to there is nothing wrong with not loving the pregnancy alone.

Proper nutrition and the right way of life

The main part of our immune system, our body's immune system, and the body responsible for the production of the hormones responsible for happiness, can affect our mood through the food we consume. It is best to have a balanced diet, with foods containing colored greens, white, fruits, omega fatty acids and, if possible, whole round meals. It is very important that drink lots of fluidsand if possible, let's walk every day thirty minutes in the fresh air. These will make you feel better, and you will also be able to absorb vitamin D3, which is important.

Do not exclude our partner from our life

Negatively negative thoughts make it easy for us and our partners to feel excluded from our lives. Let's try this consciously pay attentionto share our insights and thoughts with him. If our partner breaks down in our relationship, you may still question whether it was a good decision to have the baby? If we are not able to open very well, we may also seek the advice of a professional. You may also be interested in:
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