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It is not riskier to be born at home than to be born in a hospital

It is not riskier to be born at home than to be born in a hospital

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There was no greater risk between home and hospital birth in low-risk women, a large international study conducted by researchers at McMaster University in Canada.

It is not riskier to be born at home than to be born in a hospitalThe Lancet's EClinicalMedicine cнmы kцzzйtett orvostudomбnyi folyуiratban tanulmбnyukban the kutatуk the szьlхhelyek biztonsбgбt vizsgбltбk the szьletйskor or it kцvetх nйgy hйten belьl fellйpх halбlozбsi kockбzatot jelzх alapjбn.Kimutattбk data to the low kockбzatъ vбrandуs nхk esetйben who szьlnek home, the child is not megnцvekedett kockбzata compared to women with similarly low risk of having a baby in the hospital compared to women dying in childbirth or neonatal age.
"In advanced countries, more and more women are choosing to have a home birth, but there are concerns about their safety. This study has clearly shown that risk is no different at home and in the city"he quoted Eileen HuttontThe tanulmбny vezetх szerzхjйt the Science Daily tudomбnyos hнrportбl.A tanulmбny the elsх mуdszeres бttekintйs йs metaelemzйs that orszбgbуl szбrmazу 21, 1990 уta publikбlt professional bнrбlatokon based бtesett kutatбsokon, цsszehasonlнtva home йs the kуrhбzi szьlйsek kimenetelйt Svйdorszбgban, New Account, Zйlandon, Angliбban , The Netherlands, Japan, Austria, Canada, and the United States. About 500,000 deliberately designed home births are matched with the same number of hospital births in these countries.
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