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If the kid speaks fraudulently

If the kid speaks fraudulently

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It's not too funny when our toddler starts complaining. What could be the reason that he was speaking fraudulently?

If he speaks fraudulently

First, think about why it bothers you. Is it unusual in your family, or do you just want to hear from the child what you don't even say in your adult speech, and do you naturally come to your mouth? The child does not mumble the words, uses what you hear. You can't expect anything other than what you put into your mouth or what you encounter in the environment. A baby learning to speak will only say words, repeat what he hears. Only then do you realize that they are avoidable expressionsif you call your own attention to this. Think about where you heard these expressions from the end: if you are someone in the family, ask them not to use such words in front of the child. If you come to a place (playground, transport vehicle) where you can meet something like this, avoid it when you are in motion, eg. go to another playground, park. And if you "learned" the wrong words from your father, you might want to consider whether you need to lose such a baby at all. Instead of steady disapproval, you can achieve lasting results by consistently speaking in your own words avoid words you don't likeand you will not hear them when the child is using them without comment he overlooks provocation. At this age, the bonding with the parents is very strong, especially with their example, so you might expect the child's needlework to be something you don't reinforce.
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