Surprising things can help you fall asleep

Surprising things can help you fall asleep

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No, not meditation music and not lavender essential oil. Read on if you are curious what it is like to have a baby in the cold!

Surprising things can help you fall asleepMost of the expert advice focuses on how to help the child to calm down at the end of the day to help you fall asleep. From evening yoga to lavender candles to soothing meditation music, many things are suggested. Even though relaxation is important, there is one thing that is largely forgotten: laughing! In order to understand why it is important, we need to know that children are relieved of their emotional burden. One is stray. Lightweight contains cortisol (or stress hormone), so when little ones are smoking, they seem to be relieving stress in their bodies. And other tension guides are nothing more than laughing and playing.If a child is free to play, laugh, cry and warm, loving, attentive parents, he is sure to sleep well. It's not uncommon for kids to play most of the night, laughing and giggling. Just when we want you to calm down. In that case, remind yourself to do exactly what you need most: tension lead me downResearch also shows that laughter lowers blood pressure and levels of stress hormones in the blood, but increases endorphin and melatonin (the sleep-promoting hormone). In a very interesting research, for example, nursing mothers watched a variety of films before going to sleep. One part Charlie Chaplinand some other non-humorous cinemas. Mothers who watched Chaplin found much more melatonin in their breast milk than those who watched the serious movie. The laughing cow is clearly the anesthetic of nature! If you want a kid to sleep well, let him laugh at bedtime! Here are some tips on how to make room for this evening routine.

1. Let х control

When a child senses control in the parent's hand, feeling weak and helpless, he or she will become stressed and upset. Laughing heals power if you let the cube turn slightly. Let's play a cushion and let it depress us! Or, deliberately add funny words that don't fit the text of the evening tale, creating a random "booze" look. The goal is for us all to laugh at you!

2. Take a little work into the evening routine

Let's start washing your nose or ears with jokes instead of kid's teeth, or give them pajamas over and wonder how we can make such a mistake. You can also make your child smile if you try to lay a plushmass and then you will be very surprised that this is not your child. Laughter will help you get over the "don't want to" timeless tactics of a small evening routine.

3. Leave time!

If we're just getting started with evening work, let's just say that your kid may be so tired that he'll want to play all night. However, don't worry, as this is part of your evening routine, your time will be reduced. Hang on! And to get ready for bed, start 10 to 15 minutes earlier than usual. As the laughter comes to an end, let your little one know that it's really time to sleep, breathe cool, read a tale or sing an anthem. (Via)Related articles in sleep:
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