The first year of childbirth: how the baby's relationship with the father develops

The first year of childbirth: how the baby's relationship with the father develops

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Not only is it a lot of new things for mothers to have their baby arrive, but also for new dads. It may be even harder for them to tune in a bit to the new role with this new task. What can help the father choose?

The first year of childbirth: how the baby's relationship with the father developsAnd how does the father's relationship with the baby change in the first year?

The change does not start with a small birth

In the case of the father Tуth MуnikaAccording to a psychologist, the change does not really start with the baby's birth. - Bar, the father does not survive all the intimate and busy moments of pregnancy, there is a serious preparation and change of identity in the "hubby". Nine months of pregnancy are tuned in, but unfortunately, they don't necessarily get a lot of help, how to prepare for the role of the deceased: to be a mother as soon as she was a tiny baby, the expert explained. The birth of a baby brings a lot of new things to a man's life, but also a new identity that It can be temporarily severesuch as fear of compliance, responsibility, doubts about being able to survive, cheating, etc.

Communication is important

Psychologists were asked how a man realizes that he is now the father of the spiritual processes a man goes through. According to the experts, in a balanced, loving relationship, this awareness is not a task: - If couples can talk about their worth, along with all the hardships and hardships, the mother and father play a role. However, one of the biggest sources of danger in this process is that the role of the mother or father can be overwhelming and often the male-female relationship is affected. Men's feathers can cease in the short-term, because he loves drooling and blindness as much as he can; can mean a new father: both spiritual support and effective relief can strengthen father's stabilization. - Most importantly, though the father takes part in the life of the baby as much as possible: the formation of an intimate relationship, the close co-operation, the care and affection, and thus the confirmation of the parental identity - Hungarian.

Insecurity and homelessness

For a baby, the quality of the primary carer is usually determined by the quality of the mother and the early coping of the child. According to experts, children in secure bonds are well-balanced, relaxed, and inquisitive because they know they have a solid foundation. - But in this symbiosis, also includes the father, although they are often in the first year insecure and fearless - more than anything - they are in a relationship. so they have a harder time getting close to the quality of the mother-child relationship. Frequent bullying on the part of the partner can help a lot, ”added Múnika Tуth,“ allowing the father to join the unit they have called their life.

It's just that they stop the change

Duhra, a sweetheartAccording to a psychologist, a baby's birth is one The so-called crisis statesince there is a big change in family life, family dynamics, and parents: this is a wholesome, normal developmental crisis (normally cr a man and a woman undergo this change: women are physically and mentally prepared for the arrival of a baby, while men have a harder time starting out. The most important part of this new role is the felelхssйgvбllalбs, another man's life, a deceiver. Of course, this spiritual process is facilitated by a well-functioning relationship where you can share internal conflicts, the expert said. A major turning point in a man's life is that his partner announces that a new life is about to come: at first glance, it is likely to be mixed feelings; what his daddy will be like, which his father might have made difficult if he hadn't given him a bad sample or any sample of his own. Obviously, what kind of sensation a gossip has out of my mind is that, in my opinion, if negative sentiment is used to power someone, you should not try to suppress it, to understand and acceptand talk about roula - called attention by Dúrás márszár.According to the expert, many men are annoyed at themselves because they are afraid of negative perceptions, thoughts, dare not talk, especially when they are afraid to speak, it can come back multiple times. - It is important to keep an eye out for the loss as well, since the arrival of a baby also means the final choice of adulthood: you have to let go or work on parts of your identity that do not fit into the role of a father it is not an easy process to leave the man alone - explained the expert.

Talking to our father

It makes it easier for a father to change from a harmonious relationship to a family, and can help if the father is involved in everything, meaning a visit to the doctor, and the choice of a new baby. - In addition, touching the mother's tummy and recording communication with the growing fetus strengthens males for near change and ascension, most notably with their father.

Involve the abbot in the tasks!

According to the expert, if the man was involved during the pregnancy and at the time of birth, it would be much easier to develop a relationship with the baby after his or her birth. It is important that the mother should help the father get involved in your daily routine, such as bathing, rocking, busting - so your dad will become more confident and closer to the baby. - The first couple of weeks are obviously difficult for both parents, many dads get frustrated with the excitement of moving little packages, especially if they haven't seen a baby before. As a daily routine develops, it is also worth developing a daily routine that is just for the baby (for example, bathing), as well as for socializing, such as walking in the park or having a baby massage. I would like to emphasize the importance of contact because physical contact is the link between people - the expert called it attention.

Determine the first year

The first year of the tides and valleys in the natural way: a problem for the father, for example, he works too much And fatigued, he falls home stressfully, and he has no strength, time to have a baby, or his mother to run too fast with daily events, and not enough time for the father to wake up and calm down. - Many men also insist that they need to create the material and feel alone and can be distressed if the mother does not facilitate the relationship - for example, the only way she is afraid that is why the abbot never lets it go. There is a close union between mom and baby where dad can't get in, can't find where or what to help. So family dynamics can cause difficulties, so it's important that the man should also dare to talk about his senses And dare to approach the baby, Dasra added, "since the first results and the first year of development are extremely determined in a person's life.Related articles:
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