Abortion is now funded by health insurance in New York

Abortion is now funded by health insurance in New York

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In New York, we voted to enact a law requiring employers to provide health insurance coverage for abortion.

Abortion is now funded by health insurance in New YorkOne of the provisions of the New York Legislature, which is widely accepted, is that corporate executives may not discriminate against employees who choose to give birth.
"This law is not at all a radical request for abortion," he told Reuters Liz Krueger, New York Democratic Party Senator who was one of the authors of the bill. He added that, in his view, the adoption of this law "should not have taken so long".
The law has been contained in various forms for over a decade now in New York. For example, in 1970 - three years before the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court ruled in the United States that the term abortion could be abolished - in New York, abortion was abolished. True, this did not apply to the first 24 days of pregnancy termination. The new law allows for abortion in the first 24 days of pregnancy, and the doctor has made public the decision on when a mother needs to have an abortion in order to be healthy.
These proposals have been regularly raised by Democratic party lawmakers, but Republican Republicans have been overwhelmed by state patience. However, last fall's election election changed the balance of power: the Democratic majority became the seat of all laws. One week before the bill was voted on, US President Donald Trump sent a video message to support Washington's anti-abortion protest. "I will always defend the first right enshrined in our Declaration of Independence: the right to life," said the president, pre-recorded and unveiled at the event. Before the video was released, Vice President Mike Pence - stepping on a stairway to the front of the congressional venue - called Donald Trump "the most anti-abortion president in the United States."
The March for Life demonstration is held every year since the 1973 abortion law. This is the biggest anti-abortion movement in the United States. According to analysts, the passage of the law came at a pivotal time: this week marks the 46th anniversary of the Roe / Wade ruling on the Supreme Court of the United States that allows for the United States. In spite of this, some Member States have introduced laws limiting the possibility of abortion. In Rhode Island and New Mexico, lawmakers are now preparing to revoke them.Related articles about abortion:
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