Do you have sex with the kids?

Do you have sex with the kids?

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No, because we don't have the time, we don't like it, and it would really be good to sleep a great deal. In the meantime, you wouldn't know it's not that good. Then what can you do? Referred to by Jill Savage's book.

We come to the house with full leather. A lot of people don't even like to open it, they are in a secluded, dark corner, so they can forget it. But they are labeled "Media Stories", "Previous Relationships", "Home Education", "Religious Prohibitions", and these are just the most innocent. It is inconceivable that we both come with the same luggage, especially if the contents of the luggage are as delicate as our images of sexuality. Some of our packages help, others block the liberated community. Take them in turn!

Love can persist even after the birth of children

The media, that is, the cinema, the father, the magazines, the novels: have a very strong influence on our image of sex. A woman who believes in the message of cinematographic products has terrible expectations. Imagine a brainwashed housewife at the end of an exhausting day, and is she really starting a single chick right away? If we compare the currency to the war, we are bitterly disappointed.We have heard about sex in our home education. "Look, sex has to be done!" - if you come with this package, don't expect too much. Where sex is more about Do not do than punishment, there are many pitfalls to unpacking.How do we talk about it? There's a lot of tricks in our package that apply to sex, the genitals, the act itself. We will be able to bring our most intimate things to an end if we find non-worthy, both of us acceptable terms. Many couples come up with their own nicknames for development, of course, strictly alone. We carry our methods of resolving conflicts with us ever since. Do I flutter, yell, speak loudly and remorsefully, maybe punish my brother with sex withdrawal if I feel like I am hurting? This behavior leads to regular smile and sex breaks, and rarely purges quarrels or griefs. Unpack the bad routine. Above all, understand that conflict, if handled well, will strengthen your relationship! Second, always focus on the solution and never on the victory! Finally: it does not work miraculously, but it helps a lot if we learn to apologize: "Sorry, please forgive me." All the skin is covered, where there are good thoughts, if need be, in parapherapy and consultation.

And the kids came

If everything went well so far, neither the superintendent nor the chick had anything to unpack, and the situation will probably be greatly complicated by the arrival of the children. Unknown responsibility and new challenges affect every area of ​​common life, sex is not an exception at all. We have to face the inexorable fatigue that comes from taking care of our little boy twenty times and never having to work from home. When you breastfeed at least ten times during the day, tiny arms are wound around my neck, so I feel that if someone touches my body, I lose it. You have to find a strategy to keep your power up for the evening: we regularly decide to lie halfway down and leave the dish in the sink, the laundry in the machine, and the toys on the carpet. But in the morning we wake up more relaxed. You should also relax regularly during the day, and this requires help from a relative, neighbor, friend. It is not enough to relieve fatigue. Let's take the time to switch: switch from mother to mother before work leaves the male. My hair, my face, my clothes okay? No, you don't have to call a sex goddess out of the mirror! Think at least once a day of what we're going to get home in the evening, so much so that we can feel it and our heart blew. It will help you to reconnect if you never forget: our marriage is the most important thing, our children will be happy if they are sure that a loving relationship can grow up in the warmth.
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