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Your child may be distracted from moving

Your child may be distracted from moving

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This research will probably convince you not to hang up on your phone while you are with the child.

Your child may be distracted from moving

Although a bit jolly about social games, it happens that we grow up (confess) a little bit. Our thoughts tend to wander off, so we're so tempted to linger on our phones. Everybody, without exception, has happened, but now there is scientific evidence of why we leave our mobile phones and let's focus more on our childAccording to a study published in Current Biology, how long a parent only monitors their childhood, has an effect on the ability of low concentration.

Parent's attention influences how long the child will be able to focus on one thing

The study examined the eyes of 36 parents and their one-year-old children. They noted how long the little ones were able to focus on one subject when parents were watching this subject, and even when parents were concentrating on another subject. "When the parents watched the game with us, the kids were able to concentrate much more than when the parents didn't show any interest in the subject," he says. dr. Chen Yu, head of research. "But more interestingly, the more the parents listened to the games, the children continued to show interest even after the parents turned their gaze." parents' behavior has a direct effect the concentration of the child on the ability to develop. "The older a child is, the more and more he or she is able to focus on one thing," says Yu. We can also say that children's ability to concentrate develops and develops through community, social relationships (not when they are alone). But how can we, parents, affect all of this? "You have to imagine this whole thing as a conversation. If the listener shows interest in the person who is just talking - listens to all the senses - he or she will be more than happy to speak." - Yu explains. "However, if the listener is not really paying attention to the speaker, then the latter may have chosen to speak, because it is difficult to talk about something when the public is completely uninterested." When a parent is paying attention to his or her childhood, the point also helps the little one to focus on what he or she is doing. "When a child starts inquiring about a game, it is up to them to decide how long they will really focus on that one thing.

Why is it important how long a child can focus on one thing?

The length of time a toddler can spend concentrating on one thing affects the subsequent development of the brain. If this time is longer for a child, it is helps them in balancing, even if you are having trouble with this, it may indicate a minor distraction. "It's just like trying to compare how we can sleep seamlessly with how we feel when we put in a lot of short naps throughout the day," Yu says. "Even if the two are the same sleep means the quality of our sleep will be much better if we are able to rest for a longer period of time. "Concentration ability will also play an important role in school. "While a child is small, it is normal for an occasional person to have trouble focusing on one thing for a longer period of time, but as he / she grows and develops, his / her ability to improve continues to improve. is capable of the lower cognitive abilities "So parents decide if they really pay attention to children in the middle of games, and don't let their phones go out of their way." , or we are together and actively watching. More research has proven that even a six-minute period of such exceptional attention has a dramatic effect on children - so one can think of the differences that can be made between children who need to pay close attention to them. "When we really spend time with our baby, let's try and focus on it. Let's leave our cellphone in another room, or turn it off (it won't vibrate) or it won't turn off. Let's make our day better so that there are periods (like in the small sleep) when we can move on to our feelings. we can wake up. "One of the ways in effective education is to try to feel that we care about our child, listen to him, let him drive, and we just get turned on to what he is just consuming at the moment. post. The decision is in our hands, "says Yu. The source of the article can be found here.
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