How to photograph in the sun and on the water? (X)

How to photograph in the sun and on the water? (X)

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We have the poplar and the vacations on our necks. What could be a louder photo than when kids are having fun on the waterfront? If you are on a family vacation and you are on vacation, it is worth taking the picture!

A waterfront vacation offers a wealth of wonderful photographic opportunities full of natural beauty, wild colors and interesting lights. And perhaps this cavalcade is also a challenge, as the shimmering water and the sparkling sun do not make our job any easier.

Here are 10 great tips for waterfront photography:

1. Get Ready, Watch, Ready…

If you can, set your machine for a series of exposures to catch the active moments when the kids just don't want to be alone. But, of course, you can give them a task that both of them can dive in between - they are in the sandpit and you are in their photography. Frame and focus on the kids, but also make sure you have enough backstage to show the environment.

2. Look for new focal points

If you're already bored with the waterfront, milky-splash ball composition of Lake Balaton, it's time to check out the new focus points. It could be a pattern or a footprint in the sand, a waves crashing over a rock or even a lighthouse. It is worth paying attention to the little things about waterfront experience: beach slippers, sand squares, sunglasses, balls or sandballs. These may be the most vivid images of the vacant mood.

3. Time it!

The beginning and the end of the day are best suited for capturing waterfront photos. In such cases, there are fewer people on the beach, so it is easier to avoid the crowd and, in the second place, the sun shines at an angle that can add more interesting light, shades and colors to the images. The 1-2 hours before sunset are probably best, as you get a nice, warm, golden light, but you don't have to deal with the overwhelming light for a while. The most beautiful portraits in front of the water approx. It can be started 20 minutes before sunset.

4. Watch the horizon!

There is nothing more beautiful than the infinite horizon: an infinite number of photos can prove this. If you toss a bit of the already known composition, you can compose the water and the old meeting right outside the center of the picture: for example, the horizon to the bottom, the top to the bottom, or the bottom to the third.

5. Go (also) to the waterfront when others avoid it!

Another important timing request. The shore often comes to life when it is mostly avoided due to weather conditions. The stormy water, the threatening dramatic storm clouds and the wind all make for a photo shoot.

6. The trick of light

The waterfront, the beautiful white homes in Greece are all light-hearted on holidays, but the photographer can joke about us, like the beautiful white-haired black cat in front of a white house in Greece. In fact, the amount of light embedded in automatic machines tells the photographic machine based on the average of the light emitted, how to expose it and, in the case of very bright and very dark parts, to optimize the latter. If your photo has a manual setting, you can trick the photo size by overexposing the image by 1-1.5 apertures, that is, allowing more light than the photo would allow. As a result, the details of the black baby kitten will be visible, and the white body will be slightly whiter.

8. Flash!

When you take waterfront portraits on a sunny day, the result is usually something to lighten the faces (cap, glasses, nose, etc.). Turning on the flash and lightening it during shutter speeds will eliminate the shadows and put the subject in good light. This is especially important when shooting in daylight, as without the flash the subject will be completely dark.

9. Black and White

After photography, it is worthwhile to experiment with the effect of depriving a busy photo of a color. There is something in these black and white waterfront pictures that completely changes the mood of the photos. It can be a good tool even if the original picture was made on a slightly gloomy day!

10. Enjoy your good time!

Last but not least, have fun !!! Let your subjects play. Happy children will play the best portrait and mood photos. Throw them up, grab them, dance crazy. A sincere smile and loud laughs will keep you warm for decades!