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Prevent summer accidents for children!

Prevent summer accidents for children!

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Even in the summer, even the coolest kids are very fond of playing games and sports. Do not be discouraged, but be safe in the first place.

Sport is not without its mourning, but fortunately it can be avoided with care and proper supervision. It offers help with his advice Dr. Péter Krivácsy"The parents play the most important role in the prevention of child accidents. This is especially true in the case of smaller children.

Tips for Avoiding Typical Summer Child Accidents:

1. Teach your child the rules of good transportand the use of appropriate protective equipment. You can do all this the easiest and most efficient way with the games, as the little ones are tougher, and in addition, having a good time is a real thing for everyone. It is also very important that the parent always shows a positive example: for example, wear a helmet and wear a seat belt.2. Always stay with the kids in the bath! Pools and freshwater are a serious source of danger to children. Always keep in mind that no matter how shallow your home pool is, your child may drown. In addition, the submerged small cannot properly indicate if it is in need of assistance. For babies, having a little home at home is dangerous if you don't have one around. And in the summer, the garden pool is a risk for the wandering-educator age group, so it is advisable - even in many countries - to surround the pool.

Never leave it alone while paddling

3. Your garden is safe too! If you are organizing a garden, barbecue, keep children away from the fire. After all, they can suffer from a single bad gesture and from serious brain injuries.4. Protect yourself against the rays of the sun and the heat! The smaller ones, because of their more sensitive skin, quicker on hot days and get sunshine more easily. Therefore, do not stay in the sun in the Southern Irish! However, when they are sun-drenched, the use of high-factor sunscreen is essential. And they drink enough! Péter Krivácsy emphasizes that the most important rule is that young children should never be left alonebecause an accident can happen at any moment. If the problem is reversed, it is important that the adult providing the help is calm. Check the nature of your binge, whether your child is conscious or not. If the accident is serious, do not bring the child into the hospital, as improperly recorded and sustained injuries can be a source of minor serious health problems. If you follow the rules, you have a great chance of keeping the summer memorable, not because of accidents, but of good conditions.These can also be useful:
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