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Letter to my dear friend - Believe me, you will be a wonderful mom!

Letter to my dear friend - Believe me, you will be a wonderful mom!

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"The best of my friends are expecting their first baby right now. I'm really excited because the idea of ​​our own little versions of us running around is really impressive."

Letter to my pregnant best friend - you will be a wonderful mom! (Photo: iStock) Getting the first child is always a big deal. But having your best friend with your first child is even bigger because you can enjoy lots of fun and candy brought on by your baby, all without the hassle of parenting. This is especially good for me.When I think about how much everything is going to change in my best friend's life, I want to tell her everything. But sometimes when you want to communicate something important, they simply don't remember the right words.Rather, here's an open letter to youwith all the things I want to say but so far it has failed.

My dear best friends,

everything will be fine. I know you are full of worry now. That you are full of fear. The events in your head seem scary, big, and mysterious. You keep thinking about what kind of mom you will be and whether you will become a mom. What I know - and I know for sure - is going to work. Well, there are many reasons.You will be fantastic.I've seen you with my own kids too. When you are constantly unsure (as we all do) of whether or not you will be a good mother, I have no doubt. You and my children are kind, patient, loving and entertaining. With your own children, you will be like this, if not more so. You're the coolest person I ever know. The baby is the luckiest baby on the ground.Please ask me for help. Seriously.I would like to know that once your baby is born, you can count on my help at any time. I know you think that since I have three small children, I will not be able to help. But this is not true. You can count on me. If I can help, I will. Because I want to. Because I love you so much.I would like you to know that when your baby is born you can turn to me for advice anytime. I'll be happy for him. Because I love you very much.Listen to any advice you get, but treat them with reservations.I'll be a great aunt.I want you to know that I will love your baby. Remember how much you loved mine? Mindegyikхjьket? Despite the fact that we were both holy, convinced that we didn't love our babies before they were born? Well, as much as you loved my baby, so will I. Because I love you so much.I want you to know that if I can, I want to go there, downstairs, in the hospital hall while giving your children life - nervously, anxiously, excitedly, with such a disgusting plastic cup of coffee in my hand. I want to be the first to introduce you and your husband to your little boy after he is born.I'm so proud of you!I want you to know that you're going to do it anyway, and I'm proud of you. Even if you are requesting anesthesia. Even if not. If your baby is sleeping well. Or if not. If you never complain about fatigue. If you complain of tiredness every day. If you set up a daily routine, or if you do each day the way you usually do, you can do it anyway.I'm proud of you, no matter how you do it, it doesn't matter that you cope with the situation, it doesn't matter how many times you feel it doesn't work for you. Because I know you're not going to fail. Never. And I'm proud of you. Because I love you so much.I'm not going anywhere.I want you to know that I am your family. I never had a cousin, but I know that if I had, I would still like you. I'm going to be your friend. Your children, my children. Our children. A family. Because I love you so much.I want you to know that when the time comes and you feel like you want to move closer to your bloody family, I will understand. You're going to miss me very much, but I got it. And I'll always be here for you. Because I love you so much.I would like you to know that we will always be us. Cheerful, funny and fantastic. People who always quote from somebody who loves the band and love each other with glances. They are old enough to be smarter, but the world is too good at behaving accordingly.There may be more than one blood for us right now, but we and we can be. So much will change in your life. But one thing's for sure - Mi. It'll be a little baby! Everything will be fine, believe me.I love you,your best friend(VIA)Related links: