Three ideas for saving games

Three ideas for saving games

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Do you have any queries about saving your games? We give you some easy ideas to put the games into practice.

Three ideas for saving gamesAs the baby grows, so do the games, and it causes a lot of puzzles to be placed in a way that is both practical and aesthetic. If you want to create a store that is unique, easy to do, and doesn't require practice, then here's a little idea.

Jeans are stored

Materials needed:
  • country / staple jeans
  • ollу
  • sew / or tы, thread
We cut the pants of the trousers at a height that we would like to keep as high as possible. The fold back height should be counted.

Play tatyou, no seams

Raw materials:
  • say poow
  • ollу
Cut out the neck and the sleeves of the pose, these will be the sides of the pocket.
At the bottom of the pole, trim one to one inch wide fringes 10 to 15 cm long.
Tightly knot the fringes in the eye, making at least double or triple knots for each.

Make the bitch united!

Raw materials:
  • falбda
  • color paint spray (or paint)
  • lacquer
  • fehйr Posca felt pen
  • betыnyomat
  • soft pencil
  • 4 pcs hooks (optional)
Paint the flap on any color. Make a caption and print it on A4 paper, first experimented with lettering and placement. flip.Fold the paper, place the text exactly on the board, and draw the letters with a pencil, pressing slightly on the pencil.
At this point, a soft layer of graphite on the back of the paper leaves a mark on the surface.
This is hardly visible, but it helps you draw the letters, done with white Posca acrylic felt (if you want to roll it, mount it on the wheel.)


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