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So put an end to the screen time without debate

So put an end to the screen time without debate

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Do you have problems with your child spending too much time in front of the screen? If you want to take away the tools from him, do you usually go easy? Even if you give your kid 10 minutes of screen time, he won't even give it back in the end?

Let's End the Debating Time Without DebateThere are three tricky tricks developed by Isabelle Phillioats, a clinical psychologist, to put an end to screen savvy and debate.

Why is it so difficult to take away these tools from your child?

Has it ever happened that your favorite talent research show went down in the air when you just announced who went on? Or did your toddler turn off the TV in the middle of a big twist on the Bunny series? When people, whether they are children or adults, watch a movie or play digital games, they are relegated to another world. The screen has a slightly hypnotic effect on the person - the rhythm of the lights, the sounds, the pictures will awaken the brain. This is a good sensation, and nobody wants to stop it. The brain produces dopamine, which can relieve stress and pain. Simply, as long as the screen doesn't turn off, everything seems to be fine. Because at the moment that the screen shades, dopamine levels drop quickly without any warning whatsoever. For kids, this is a physical shock that activates the hystic. It doesn't even matter to tell the kid when screen time is down that day. If you turn it off, you'll lose the device, and you're in trouble. Exactly, this is not the solution, instead, the following three tricks are worth using.

So be part of the kid's light

If you decide that the end of the screen time is here, leave some time to sit down with the kid and get on with the action. Watch it on TV or sit down while you play. You don't have to think too long, half a minute is enough - Just enough for the kid to share his experience with you.


What are you looking at? What level are you at now? It's easy to ask simple questions to your child about what he or she is listening to - there is someone who has a request before, some who need more. Kids love having their parents interested in their activities, their little world. If you've just been sucked in by the screen, don't give up. Wait a minute and make a new request.

Build the bridge back to the currency

As the child begins to answer the queries, he or she can distract from the screen light and start moving back to the currency. It's not as sudden a sudden change as when you turn off your TV or lose your tablet, dopamine levels do not begin to decline abruptly, only slowly and gradually. Here comes the point when you can tell him what you want him to ask.You can tell her it's time to have dinner / bathing / etc, or just to end the screen time. This is a much smaller state than when you order something after you have lost the device. You can turn off the screen here, but most kids will do it by themselves because it is so parental distraction. This trick will not always be so simple, but it will be much easier than before.(VIA)Previous articles:


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