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Dangerous Cure Practices

Dangerous Cure Practices

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Are you sick, sick, sick with a small, stuffy nose, barely breathing? Relation gives you tips, home tips on how to ease your breathing. However, caution is important: some methods can be dangerous.

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Upper respiratory infection

playback We want the best for our child, and even if they are a little sick, we will do our best for healing. In this case, we listen to all the relatives 'friends' advice, so that one can bring relief. Of course, since not all problems need to be taken to the doctor right away, minor illnesses, such as nasal congestion, nocturnal infections, provide most of the good advice and practice. However, one has to be careful: among traditional nipples, the damsel's traditionally used household remedies, there is not one that you are better off with. Some light, nasal cleansing methods have been collected that occasionally can also be dangerous.

Danger of steaming

Obviously, there is a grandmother in your family who swears by the steamy fun. Most often a we recommend chamomile tea So, you should breathe in under the hood, but you can also use this old technique with steam or soda water vapor. There is no denying that the method can be effective, and adults can experiment with it, but we consider it very dangerous for young children!The little one, despite the most careful parental supervision, can get frightened by the darkness under the blanket, the hot steam in his face, make a sudden move, and in March the problem stops. The sad experience of childhood injuries shows that this is a very real danger as the smallest of them often go to hospital with severe healing, scalding wounds. Thus, for children, it is advisable to choose another method for cleaning the airways.

Think about allergies too!

Respiratory relief and nasal discharge are important, but you should also be aware of the potential allergenic effects of the herbs and fragrances used for this purpose. For example, it is one of the most effective, most popular anti-inflammatory medicines, chamomile can also cause trouble. pollen in the bloom can select sensitive allergies. The pot of flax mint and any product made from it, such as the one used for rubbing menthol ointment (also the infamous Vietnamese balm!) can also be irritating. We have heard of toddlers who have been experiencing symptoms of rescue rubbing eczema. Children are not advised to use peppermint essential oil until the age of three.

Will I bring fire?

It's big fashion nowadays scented oil candle too. Available in fantasy editions: house, knighthood, fireplace, playground, etc. Inside ceramics shaped like a candlestick, it heats up the small tank where you spray the intended liquid to purify the air, pouring essential oil. The fairy tale shape, the floating lance draws the attention of the children, just to use it in the most irresponsible. The spark plug and the hot oil are very good tыzveszйlyesand don't waste our lives: for every one of us, there is no high shelf, curtain, or textile currency for a small child. It is not a baby's room! Lemon, pine essential oil for deodorizing, disinfecting is not a bad idea, it can do a good service, but we are looking for another way to bring the butter to the air. For example, you can drip it into your baby's clothes, bedding, pour a little into the evaporator on the radiator, or even use a pump to wash room plants in the water.


There are many methods and aids for cleaning clogged noses. However, many parents are "sorry" to expose their children to radical nasal cleansing because they themselves become frustrated with the use of nasal powder and when they have a small horn, they can easily protest. This is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made at this time, since congestive nasal passages can cause more serious illnesses. For example, it would be better to completely forget about clean trays for cleaning the nose and hearing. The infected, full of bacteria, cannot be permanently eliminated, or even pushed deeper into the wells. And if the cotton swabs are not thick enough, they can also cause bruising on the sensitive hair follicles. The selection and use of paper and textile handkerchiefs and towels also require some caution: the scented variation can irritate the nose, and can be rubbed off by excess explosive material. It is only natural to use the handkerchief only once and then throw it in the trash immediately, do not put it on the dusty table or in the baby's bed, ъjrafertхzйs veszйlye.

Don't be afraid of the air!

It is a common mistake not to take the little baby child "as long as he / she does not heal" or, if he / she is not, to cover his / her mouth with a breath to avoid breathing cold air. Yet a fresh, oxygenated air, if possible, is more important than anything else. Breathe often, and don't miss the walk! Careful nasal cleansing, after nasal cleansing, if properly dressed, can help the year at every turn. Not only is it too unnecessary, it can be harmful, as it is small instead of cool, clean air reclaims used air, which is damp from spilled mildew.They may also be interested in:
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