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Not a hysteric, just noisy

Not a hysteric, just noisy

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Sometimes everyone is nervous about certain sounds, and it is difficult to endure the long noisy environment. But what about those voices that, like the tick of your lips, cause almost physical pain?

So-called mycophony means that certain noises, noises can trigger extremely strong, negative physical and mental reactions in someone, and can also cause anxiety and even panic. The syndrome was first written down in the early 2000s Margaret and Pawel Jastreboff. Mizophonics are under constant stress as even the tiniest sound can be extremely upsetting to their numbers, and this has a profound effect on their quality of life, on their daily lives.There are children who are very tense due to noise It is easy to treat this problem as a number of psychiatric illnesses that do not have real, "vital" symptoms, but in recent years, more research has focused on the . In one study, noisy people and healthy control group images were taken with the help of fMRI while he was. trigger noises (that is, repetitive noises, such as turning on and off ball-point pens, loud noises), neutral noises (rain), and judging everyone's discomfort (change). Although trigger noises and unpleasant noises can be confusing for the whole participant, the brains of people with mizofunni responded completely like this: certain brain areas, including the control and processing parts of the senses, were very active when the trigger noises were heard by the affected person. This could be the explanation that people with misophobia will be "completely" obliterated by the unpleasant noise, not simply excluded, but constantly focused on it - which, of course, can make the discomfort, anxiety, and nervousness worse. Although research into misophony is still in its infancy, diagnosing the problem is difficult, for example, and psychotherapy and counseling can improve the condition of those affected. Mizophonics have a part in Him. good results can also be achieved with white noise generators (via)You may also be interested in:
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