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Németh Kristuf's son was born

Németh Kristuf's son was born

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Neeth's day was born Kristof Németh and Zita Szikriszt's little son, Levente.

The little one came out on November 24, after a dawn of butter, at 3,310 grams and 55 inches. The couple got married 11 months ago, so they celebrate their first marriage anniversary with their two kids.Born Németh Kristуf's little boy (photo: Instagram) "Lately, Zita and I have been constantly checking my calendar when I'm not filming, I don't have a theatrical performance, when I'm not playing in the countryside, so we chanced on the time to have a good birth. wishlist, but we were planning anyway, but in recent weeks, my grandfather, Lóci, was the most excited. He was barely asleep, needling to see when the little brother came in. Everyday he asked: Maybe today? it would be better not to go to the hospital first, but definitely because he wouldn't miss the birth of his little brother. " Levent was warmly welcomed by Lyci, the great son of Nimeth Kristuf.