Summer vacation!

Summer vacation!

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Cool, calm, tidy, and fun, you don't even have to turn on the air conditioning when you're traveling - and it's just so crappy next to the Autumn Fall!

Whether you choose a destination abroad or a domestic destination, the offseason has many advantages. You can get excellent compensation under great conditions, and not least the roads are cluttered. If you are looking for a more intimate, quieter vacation, it is worth leaving when others are back.

Watch the sunflowers!

In the country you can choose from the possibilities of rural tourism. The experience of the hostesses, the love of the property and the knowledge of the place, gives the place a family atmosphere. The comfort level of the accommodation is indicated by the smiling sunflower, most of the websites have information about the surroundings, the recommended attractions, the description of the local specialties.

Wellness for babies

Indoor baths are becoming increasingly popular with families with small children. The slogan of the Kolping Termбlhotel is "half the package, double enjoyment". Because the rooms are equipped to accommodate the larger needs of families, you can leave your baby, baby, baby, stroller at home. The hotel is surrounded by a huge garden and is ideal for the autumn season: you can get a little bath from the room to the pool without having to leave the circular corridor and worry about it. nyбr.
The hotel offers new weekly special offers: a "The wheel is the wheel", that "Egйszsйghйt", the "Bori Baby Channel" waiting for the youngest children to arrive. It is worth visiting the website to select the most attractive one.
Small family villas with fewer pools, slides and fun pools await the visitors, but the terrain is clearer and more relaxing for the parents. For example, the Bogács Thermal Bath at the foot of the Beech Mountains, the Hur and the Strait of the Strait, which is open every morning. 76 oC of the exploration oil is extracted from 480 m deep wells. The spa's whirlpool, whirlpool, paddling pool, yurt pool, and EU-standard playground are paradise for waterproof babies and babies.

From the border

Autumn is a good choice for an apartment or campsite, and in southern European countries the summer lasts until the end of October, so you won't be forced all day by the wall. But if you are afraid of the weather, and you are making more money off, you may want to look at the offers of larger, three-star, five-star hotels that include their children. An animated team of kids is here to take care of the kids: even though they are having fun with face painting, crafts, sports games, parents can have fun. In view of the child's ability to travel, it is worthwhile to choose a country nearby. In Austria, Burgenland, quality spa and wellness baths provide relaxation for the whole family. Exclusively equipped hotels have everything your baby may need. Bikes, toy cars and sleds can be used for free. Sleeping area, nursing area, baby kitchen, baby kink, diaper - all for the ultimate in relaxation. It is easier to book accommodation here in the autumn, but because of its popularity do not leave it to the last minute!

The family is flying

If you are going for a longer overnight, feel free to think about flying. The fall season is also more favorable for airline ticket reservations and more comfortable for charter, low-cost and scheduled fares than crowded airplanes.
If you manage to overcome a few hundred kilometers, you may find yourself in the summer again. Because Hungarians live everywhere in the world, you can feel at home, even if you have language barriers that make it difficult for you to capitalize. Here's an example of what a search engine throws at the very first click.
And one of the owners here is Hungarian.

Prepare for the ъtra!

- Book early! Although there is plenty of domestic and foreign child friendly accommodation available, experience has shown that it is not enough.
- The busiest time is during the fall school holidays. Therefore, if you are not on time, do not wake up this week.
- Early in the fall, the nightfall would drop, even at home, on the beach, especially in the mountains. In addition to lighter clothing, the hoodie, raincoat, umbrella, waterproof shoes, sweatshirt, cap must be tucked into the skin.
- Get a book before you leave so that you don't have to worry about it anymore, not to mention you will probably get it more expensive abroad.
- For the bigger ones, it is worthwhile to put in the package besides the board games, books, sporting goods the insect monitor, the plant guide, the telescope, the battery lamp. Fuck you!
- For your own comfort and to help troubleshoot your problem, take your mobile medicine kit with you. Think of the insects: apply cream on the tongs, but don't forget the ticking tongs!
- The sun is still strong in the autumn! So think about my sunscreen.


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