Do we need to be a fan of Zika vrustu?

Do we need to be a fan of Zika vrustu?

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There is still no vaccine against the dreaded Zika virus, which is a cause of diarrhea, microcephalus. No one should travel to South America if you're pregnant or planning a baby! What are the Symptoms of Infection? Should we be afraid of an eventuality?

The tiger mosquito that spreads Zika virus

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), Zika is a threat not only to South America and North America, but also to Europe. Christian Lindmeyer, a WHO representative in Geneva called the virus a rapid spread.
The virus has also appeared in several European countries: the virus has been detected in British, Dutch and Danish citizens' organizations, and furthermore, there have been cases of bovine spongiform encephalopathy in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

Doesn't it have to be afraid of the Zika law in Hungary?

The virus a distributed by tiger mosquitoes, but only a very small number of this type of mosquito can be found in Hungary, so there is no prerequisite for the development of a possible animal - this Slavvik János, chief medical officer for infectiousness at St. Louis Hospital, said on Channel M1.

Where does the virus come from?

Zika virus was discovered in Uganda monkeys in 1947 in the forests of Zika. 10 years later, it turned out that a raging virus caused illness in people in Nigeria. Central Africa has become accustomed to the disease for decades, and antibodies to the virus are present in many of them.
János Slavvik also said that the Brazilian was brought to Brazil in 2014 by an Asian tourist during the World Cup. But by this time, the ZikaVarius was already present in Thailand, Asia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The law was launched this year (2014) and extended throughout America, reaching the United States border. Since October 2015, more than 4,000 cases of Zika infection have been registered in Brazil.
The microcephaly caused by the Zika virus, that is, the baby's head, is just as common, but 2 years ago in Brazil there were only 100 cases a year, but in 2015 there were thousands more. In addition, they were able to conclude that the virus had caused a large number of abnormalities, said the Chief Infectologist.

What Are The Symptoms Of Zika?

Virtually the same symptoms as influenza are caused by Zika virus. High fever, red eye, pain in the eye, pain in the brain, muscle pain, rarely skin disorders indicate the presence of Zika infection in the body. The Zika virus is almost never fatal, and is thought of by itself within 1 week.

It's very dangerous for the fetus!

However, pregnant women have something to do. Because pregnancy is at any stage stillbirth, miscarriage, further breastfeeding cause. Head doctor János Slavvik said that babies who are born in March will have "terrible bad" prospects of life and, unfortunately, they will never be fully grown adults.What do you need to know about microcephalus?
Larynx means that the baby is born with a smaller head than the average. (Calculated: head circumference less than 32 cm.) Unfortunately, the smaller head size also affects brain development, which cannot grow to its average size. This progressive lack of brain development can lead to death, impairment of the senses, impaired function of the sense organs, or slower development.

The defense is very difficult

It is almost impossible to defend against the aggressive tiger mosquitoes that spread the Zika virus, which drool not only at certain times of the day, but all day. In places where the conditions for the reproduction of mosquitoes exist, there is no possibility of control. The chief physician stressed that in our country there is no need to keep the Zika law from developing.

People should consider where they are going

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) recommended on January 21 that all women who are pregnant or planning to have a baby should see if they are affected - if they are affected. If so, you may want to delay your trip.
According to BNTSZ data in the past 2 months Zikavirus infections have been reported in 23 countries. The 23 countries are: Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Colombia, Paraguay, Suriname, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama; Barbados, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, Samoa, Thai and Cape Verde.

If it even starts in March

I got that there is no vaccine against the virus, the only mode of defense is to prevent mosquito bites. It's a good idea to get guaranteed effective mosquito repellents and tools. Especially if you are pregnant, have a severe chronic disease, have a small child, have an immune problem.

Obama is also pushing for vaccine research

In the United States, Zika was revealed in this week to two people. The state may also endanger areas in the United States where the American population is 60 percent. Twenty-three million people live in a couple of areas where the tigerworm is present throughout the year. About two million people live in areas where the virus can be particularly dangerous during the warmer months.
United Airlines and American Airlines have responded to the expeditions, too: small-scale children who travel to dangerous areas have the opportunity to cancel their trip, and of course they get a refund of their ticket.

In Austria, they are not ill advised

According to Austrian newspaper Die Press, there is no Zika outbreak in Austria, although there are already Zika-infected patients in the country. According to the authorities, it is not a valid currency, because the Austrian climate is cool, so there are not many mosquitoes that can spread the virus.
An up-to-date information on the state of affairs is available on the BNTSZ website.
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