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When to seek a doctor for fever?

When to seek a doctor for fever?

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Our reader is asking how long can you have a home flame retardant and when to see a doctor? The pediatrician will answer.

If the baby is loose

The little bosom quickly rises to 39 degrees Celsius. You don't have to be in doubt, but since lбz refers to inflammation caused by a virus or bacillus, the physician should decide what treatment is required. tell her about her symptoms. If the fever is difficult to quench, the child is very tired, low liquid consumes, go to the children's clinic with her that day. In spite of the therapy and antipyretic treatment that you have arranged, you should not overwhelm your phone or call the night and night care. viral and bacterial infections the fever that follows can last for up to three days. If your child is in good health, his or her fever is well tolerated. THE lбznak has a very important role in the fight against infections. Unnecessarily, we provide lower levels of body temperature with a given antipyretic, but at such a high rate that they also help the reproduction. Flame retardation may start at or above 39 ° C. (Puppies less than 3 months old should cushion the fever from 38 ° C.) According to recent research, the "cleft spine" has nothing to do with the high fever. Children with a predisposed child may have a small increase in temperature. That is why a hospital examination of the first such seizure is necessary -; tanбcsolja dr. Polish Boglárka pediatrician.More information here!