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Games and development in one place

Games and development in one place

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An institution has been set up in the capital to provide developer therapy at the same time as providing retardation for children with special educational needs and to provide playground services to children.

Games and development in one place

The idea is not new: in 2011, the Down Association opened the Wonderful Early Development Center and Playhouse in Nyergegyhaz. The well-functioning institution laid the foundation stone of its big sister in Budapest in the XV. kerülleti Бrvavбr u. 1. Down szбm alatt.A Egyesьlet makes it one of the foundations of inkluzнv nevelйs meghatбrozу intйzmйnyйnek lйtrehozбsбval the complex, which at one time made biztosнt szemйlyre fejlesztх terбpiбt йrtelmi lemaradбssal- йs speciбlis nevelйsi igйnnyel йlх йrintett children and young people kнnбl jбtszуhбzi szolgбltatбst tцbbsйgi szбmбra is.A Csodavбr aims to contribute to the development of a healthy, inclusive, visionary society through work. Developers and therapists want to see children develop early in life natural attitudes towards people with disabilities. True acceptance and effective help can only be expected from one another. In childhood, natural games are a wonderful way for people to relate and make friends. This process - among others and people with disabilities - is called upon to help the Miracle Blood with its own tools. step out of templates to create a real quality space that we all use to build.Kisari Kбroly, the president of the Down Association, in a keynote speech, emphasized that the Down Association had reached the initial stages of a dream and plan 5-6 years ago. Nowadays, the enthusiastic and crafted team of Nyodegyháza Wonderland has prepared for the early development of 80 children, with 150 others in need of development, while nearly 600 young children survive the miraculous day by day. We would like to despise the footwear of this model now in the Capital City, too, on 730 m2. Fûrsé Tünde, the Deputy Secretary of State for Family and Petition Policy mentioned that the Mission of the Miracle of Budapest had unhindered enlightenment, joyful moments, and many successes. Hajdu Lszszlу, XV. Mayor of the District, who stressed that any such movement, like the Down Union, is also terrified. The district has an extensive social disability for people with disabilities, with the subsequent cooperation hoping that 5,000 children in the district could take possession of the property as soon as possible.László Tamбs This project is also a great initiative for relieving the affected families of their burden, according to the spokesman. With the power of consolidation, the integrated institution will be able to provide unmet needs for long-term needs.Jens-Jorgen Peterson, program director of VELUX FOUNDATIONS, in a speech, emphasized that they were very much looking forward to the outcome, congratulated the Association and highlighted the need for similarly committed people. The Association furthermore decided to adopt a rural model in the capital.
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